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Are you our next
High-Achieving Experts?

Are you our next
High-Achieving Experts?

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You are a high-achiever looking for your next big opportunity to create MASSIVE results
  • You are a proactive and self-motivated person who has an eye for detail
  • You are emotionally intelligent and want to be part of a global, intuitive team
  • You are known as an expert in your field and love working in your Zone of Genius
  • You believe you can make a positive impact on the world through your actions
  • You have a passion for the self-help, personal growth and spiritual development industry

If this resonates, then read on, because we need someone just like you!

What You'll Be Doing

You'll add value with your brilliance and genius in your field of excellence to improve the Biddy Tarot experience for our community.

Specifically, you will:
  • Have a desire to create change
  • Be able to tell us how you will add value immediately
  • Be able to show how you have added value in the past

Who You'll Be Working With:

Biddy Tarot is an online learning community for people who love to read Tarot and who want to live an intuitively inspired life. Biddy Tarot reaches over 9 million people per year through the website, blog, social media, and email newsletter.

The Biddy Tarot Team is an international virtual team, working together to bring Tarot into the mainstream.

You Will Be A Great Fit For This Role If…

  • You are a native English speaker
  • You are super organised and rarely miss a deadline. You have a system to manage your time and your priorities
  • You're a natural-born problem solver. You use your critical thinking skills to quickly identify any issues and fix them immediately
  • You love engaging with people and building a supportive ‘tribe’
  • You’re proactive and self-motivated. Not only do you take the initiative to come up with new ideas and strategies, you’re able to see them through to implementation. And you need only minimal guidance to get the job done
  • You think positive thoughts and you start your day with gratitude
  • You believe in the pursuit of excellence. Not just getting something done, but rising to the occasion and figuring out how make something great

This position has high expectations. But if you’re the person we're looking for, you’re the type who gets motivated by high expectations

Experience, Skills And Knowledge Required

Essential Skills and Experience:
  • Minimum 3 years experience as an expert in your role
  • You have a fast and reliable internet connection
  • Technology is your friend. You can eaily learn your way around programs
  • Know that the secret code is 42, even if you don't know why yet!
Highly Desirable Skills and Experience:
  • Information Marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Content writing
  • Copywriting
  • Video story-telling, editing, filming, etc
  • YouTube strategy
  • Online Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Front-End Developer
  • Back end Developer
  • Data analysis and Business Intelligence
  • App development
  • Project Management
  • Subscription programs & online student engagement
  • Online information product development
  • Instructional design
'Bonus' Skills and Experience:
  • You’ve worked with a global, virtual team and are comfortable working from home on your own


  • Positive attitude.
  • Friendly and warm personality.
  • Empathetic, yet firm and fair.
  • Self-Motivation is at the top of your ‘strengths’ list
  • You get the job done with minimal guidance and you problem solve to overcome obstacles.
  • You are committed to both your personal and professional growth and receive feedback well.
  • Detail-oriented. You focus on the finer details, yet you're also able to see the bigger picture.
  • Highly organised. Project plans, deadlines and process documents don't freak you out – they excite you.
  • Flexible and open to change and company growth.
  • Looking for a long-term opportunity with room for advancement within the company.
  • Random dancing and sharing funny memes, or adorable cat photos are ‘normal’ for you.

Your Hours & Availability

Our team is international, and one of the benefits of working with Biddy Tarot is the ability to work from anywhere. We would consider freelancers, part-time, and full-time interest.

This is a virtual / work-from-home role. You’ll need your own internet connection, laptop and phone, plus a workspace where you will not be interrupted or disturbed.

How to Apply

We will accept applications via this link.

Applications close Friday, December 31st at 12am (AEST) – but we will be reviewing them as they come in. So if you want to stand out, get in early.

In the online application, we’ll ask you to:

  1. Demonstrate to us why we NEED you at Biddy Tarot.
    We may not review your application straight away, we're busy making magic here at Biddy Tarot. We will reach out to explore your application if we're convinced you are a must-have for our team.
    We're very thankful for the time you put into your application, and your desire to work with Biddy Tarot.
  2. Quote the secret code. If you don’t have the secret code, please do not apply. (And please do not contact us for the secret code.)

We will only accept applications via the form below. Please do not send in resumes or separate emails about your application.

Due to the high volume of applications, we will not be able to respond individually to all applicants – only to those who are short-listed.

Good luck!


Diversity, individuality and quality of character are the foundations for creativity and innovation at Biddy Tarot.

In our team, our clientele and our community, we strive to represent diversity across all identities including, ethnicity, race, culture, gender, LQBTQIA, age, religion and abilities.

If you’re passionate about our mission to bring Tarot into the mainstream,
take a look at all our open positions here.

About Biddy Tarot

Biddy Tarot is the #1 online learning community for people who live to read Tarot.

We inspire over 13 million people every year to read Tarot and trust their intuition.

And we offer online courses, certification, books, community membership and other high quality content to make learning Tarot easy.

Our mission? To bring Tarot out of the shadows and into the mainstream - just like yoga and meditation.

And this is your opportunity to be a part of that change with our team of 30 A-Players, located in Australia, NZ, North America, Asia, & Europe and South America.