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BTP61: The Six Pillars to a Thriving Tarot Business

By February 14, 2017 August 26th, 2020
Thriving Tarot Business

When I quit my corporate job 4 years ago, people thought I was crazy. Why would I want to leave a six-figure job and years of University study to read Tarot for a living? I mean really – Tarot as a business – yeah right!

Well here's the best part – I proved them all wrong.

In fact, over the past 4 years, our business revenue has increased ten times, and just recently, we had our very first six-figure launch – after many successful five-figure launches.

If you have ever dreamed of following your heart and building your own successful online Tarot business, you can.

How? By paying attention to the six pillars of a thriving online Tarot business. If you want to create a business that is both spiritually and financially abundant, then these six pillars are critical to your success. They will help you to work smarter, not harder, so you have more time and energy to do what you love and support a comfortable lifestyle.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How I was able to quit my corporate job and run a multi-six figure Tarot business
  • The six pillars to a thriving Tarot Business
  • How to do what you love and serve the world while all while making a healthy living

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Podcast Transcript

Brigit: You're listening to the Biddy Tarot podcast and this episode 61, The Six Pillars to a Thriving Tarot Business.


Welcome to the Biddy Tarot podcast where you'll learn how to connect more deeply with your intuition and live an empowered and enlightened life with the tarot cards as your guide.

Listen as Bridget and her guests share their very best tips and strategies to help you read Tarot with confidence.

Now here's your host Brigit Esselmont.



Brigit: Hello and welcome back to the Biddy Tarot podcast. As always, it's an absolute pleasure to be in your earbuds talking about Tarot and also my other favorite topic, business. When I quit my corporate job four years ago people thought I was crazy. Why would I want to leave a six figure job and years of university study to read Tarot for a living?

It wasn't just my office colleagues who thought I was crazy. It was also fellow Tarot readers and spiritual healers who questioned whether I could actually grow a financially and spiritually rewarding business. $50,000 launch, yeah right who is this woman? Or six figure Tarot business? As if. Well here's the best part, I proved them all wrong, yes I did. In fact, over the past four years, for Biddy Tarot our business revenue has increased by ten times. That's right, ten times. Just recently we had our very first six figure launch after many successful five figure launches.

So why I am telling you this? Well it's certainly not to brag or boast about our results. Don't get me wrong, I am super proud of what my team and I have created with Biddy Tarot but ultimately I'm telling you this because I want you to know it's possible. I want you to know that you can prove all of those naysayers wrong and you can be the one who steps up to the plate and leads the way to greatness. So if you've ever dreamed of following your heart and building your own successful online tarot business, you can. How? By paying attention to the six pillars of a thriving online Tarot business that I'm about to share with you in today's episode.

Now before I get into it I want you to know that all of the show notes including the transcript for today's episode is over at

If you want to create a business that's both spiritually and financially abundant then these six pillars are critical to your success. They're going to help you work smarter not harder so that you have more time and energy to do what you love and support a comfortable lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones. I can tell you that these six pillars have played a huge role in making my online Tarot business what it is today and I know for sure they're going to help you too.

That's why my entire business program, Grow Your Tarot Business Online is focused on these exact six pillars. I'm going to share a little bit more about that later.

So, what are these six pillars of a thriving online Tarot business? Here they are at a high level and then I'm going to walk you through each one.

  • Pillar one: align with your vision.
  • Pillar two: attract your dream clients.
  • Pillar three: build a thriving community.
  • Pillar four: market your business authentically.
  • Pillar five: expand your offerings.
  • Pillar six: build a sustainable future.


So let's start with pillar one and aligning your vision. So you know that you have the potential for big things and you're really excited to share your Tarot gifts with the world. But where on earth do you begin? How do you decide which new opportunities to chase and which ones to let go? How do you avoid that bright shiny object syndrome where you're constantly distracted?

Well, pillar one is all about connecting with your business vision and aligning your goals and actions to make that vision a reality. Now in the business world, visions and goal setting are mostly financially driven. You decide how much money you want to earn and off you go. But, as spiritual entrepreneurs we know that it's not all about the money, it's about balancing our material needs with our spiritual needs and insuring that while we're creating a financially viable business, we're also creating a personally fulfilling lifestyle.

So here's a quick activity to get your vision inducers flowing.

I want to ask you a question: If you knew that you were not going to fail what would your ideal business look like and what would your ideal lifestyle look like?

Now knowing those two visions how would your business and your lifestyle support one another?

I know that these are deep questions so if you need some more time just jot down the questions and give yourself the space to really flesh them out.

In the process I also really want you to connect with your soul purpose. What is your soul asking of you? When it comes to creating a business what is your soul wanting you to create? How does it want to be expressed through your business? When it comes to your lifestyle how does your soul want to be expressed through your lifestyle? That's really the essence of your vision and knowing that vision is the thing that gives you your why. It's like the motivating energy so that every time you work on your business you connect with that vision and you know why you're doing it. It's incredibly powerful and the more that you can align with that vision with your soul purpose, the more aligned your whole business will be.

In my six-month program, Grow Your Tarot Business Online, we go into a lot more depth around dreaming up that vision and then taking that vision and creating some goals and some action plans in order to make that vision come to life. Because a vision is certainly an excellent starting point, but without having goals and action plans, the vision will just remain a dream — and I really want you to be able to take that dream and turn it into reality.


Alright, so let's move into pillar two which is about attracting your dream clients. So you know that you're a great tarot reader and you're ready to make a difference. Now if only you could find the people who need and value your unique gifts and talents!

Pillar two is not just about finding clients, it's about finding your dream clients – and these are the clients who love working with you, who value what you do and who rave about you to their friends.

The first step is knowing exactly who your dream client is. And you really want to ask yourself who you most want to serve, who you most enjoy working with and who gets the most value out of working with you.

Then build a profile for you dream client. What kind of person are they? What qualities do they have? What inspires them? What challenges them? Where do they spend their time and so on? Then once you know who your dream client is, finding and attracting that dream client is going to be way easier.

So don’t waste money on expensive advertising to everyone and think, “I'm just going to read tarot for anyone who wants a tarot reading.” Imagine trying to advertise to that group. It’s impossible because it's not even a group, it's just a very broad range of people.

But say you knew that you can offer the most value to women who have just come through a divorce, or maybe a change in their family, and you can help them rediscovery who they really are. Now imagine if you had that group in mind, how much easier it is to get your message out to those people. So once you know that group and who your dream client is it's much easier to reach them and you'll know exactly how and where to find your dream client.

Even better, imagine being able to say, “Have you just come through a divorce and are you feeling a little lost about who you really are? Well I can help you with a Tarot reading or an intuitive coaching session where we'll use Tarot and some other life coaching skills to help you get a better sense of who you really are.” That's a more compelling message than simply saying I offer a 30-minute Tarot reading.

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Imagine putting the price on that as well. Tt's way more valuable to say, “I can help you with this kind of transformation,” versus “I charge by minute.” It's a completely different proposition. So think about it, who do you want to serve and how can you best serve them and who ultimately is your dream client?


Pillar number three is build a thriving community. Okay, so clients are starting to come through the door but how do you encourage them to stay and chat or come back for more? That’s why it’s important to build a thriving community and creating authentic and meaningful connections with your audience.

The mistake that I see a lot of aspiring Tarot professionals making is that they build a website, they advertise Tarot reading services and then that's it. There is no way for new visitors to interact with them or stay in touch and the only possible next action is that the new visitor will buy a reading.

We know that as human beings we typically need to first know, like, and trust a person before we make a purchase with them. So building a thriving community is critical for growing a successful Tarot business online because it means that your visitors can really get to know you before making a purchase with you.

So how do you create this thriving community? Well I see it as three things that you need to have in place:

  • A newsletter or an email list
  • A blog
  • A presence on social media.

Your newsletter gives you the opportunity to connect regularly and consistently with your community and also when you're ready to launch a new service or product you already have a readymade audience who values what you have to offer.

A blog is a way to showcase your expertise and set yourself up as an authority in your market. When you consistently deliver valuable content that informs while demonstrating your expertise then people naturally learn more about you and feel an actual bond with you.

Finally, your social media presence like on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest is a way of engaging with your community and a way of creating social networks and expressing your personality. I think it's a really great platform for showing who you really are. That way you could start to have conversations and build more a personal relationship with your community.

Now a lot of aspiring Tarot professionals do one or two of these things to build their community but oftentimes it's haphazard. How many times have you seen a blog that go six months in between posts and then says, “Oh I'm sorry I haven't been blogging very much”? And then you see another one like three months later, “Oh sorry. I'm back again.” I mean think about what message that sends to your customers when you're inconsistent with your posting schedule. It says, “You know what, this isn't real for me, I'm not serious about my business.” So flip that around and be consistent.

In my program, Grow Your Tarot Business Online, I spend a whole module on how to build a thriving a community because I know firsthand how important it is to get right.


Alright let's move on to pillar four. This is all about marketing your business authentically. One of the biggest challenges that aspiring Tarot professionals face is how to promote their business authentically. So you and I both know that as heart centered spiritual entrepreneurs, we can't afford to use sleazy sales techniques that might work wonders in other industries. but would totally ruin our reputation in our industry and put potential customers off. But on the other hand, we also can't afford to just sit around hoping for the best while people find us. The internet is huge and we'll get lost in the crowd if we don't do something to put ourselves out there and reach the people who need our help the most.

The trouble is that most tarot professionals just have no idea where to begin when it comes to marketing. Do you pay for advertising on Google AdWords? Do you do Facebook ads? Do you post links to your website every fifteen or twenty minutes on Twitter? Should you be writing guests posts on every Tarot blog that you can find? Do you send out fliers to local shops? Do you take that $500 ad in the local magazine? The options are totally endless and yet we all have limited time, energy, and money. So it's essential to know exactly where to focus your efforts for the best possible return.

What's more is that not every marketing technique feels in alignment with our soul purpose. So for example, I do not love Twitter. So yes, Biddy Tarot is on Twitter but it's not something I devote a lot of time and energy to. I would much rather put my energy into doing Facebook Live videos or sharing photos on Instagram. So you really do need to choose marketing strategies that feel in alignment with who you really are and that really goes back to that vision that you created in pillar one and aligning with that vision.

So ultimately here's what I believe. I believe that marketing is fundamental for growing a successful and thriving Tarot business. As a Tarot professional it's critical to know how to market your business but I also believe that marketing needs to come from a place of authenticity, integrity and alignment with what feels inherently right for you. So as a Tarot professional it's critical to know how to market your business in a way that's authentic and integrity with who you really are.

How do you do it? Well my number one piece of advice is just be you. You don't have to pretend to be someone you're not by wearing like fancy dress or having dark eyeliner on or lots of crystals everywhere if that's not your thing. In fact you're way better off if you don't pretend to be like a typical tarot reader, whatever that is. You'll create magic when you are you. You're going to attract the right clients who love your unique style, you're going to feel way more comfortable and more closely aligned with your true calling and that's when you'll create deeper and more fulfilling connections with your community.

So when you're being you the marketing stuff doesn't even feel like marketing, it just feels like a conversation, a way of just sharing what value you have to offer to your community. It doesn't have to feel like you're selling set of steak knives with your Tarot reading just because it works on TV. You can simply offer what feels right to you and right for your customers and that's it.

So authentic marketing, it's something I could talk for hours on because I know how important it is for a successful business, and again in my program, Grow Your Tarot Business Online, we spend a full module on this topic. So if you're hungry for more then the Grow Your Tarot Business Online program is for you and you'll find out more details over at


Let’s move into pillar five: expand your offerings. So your business is growing, you’re attracting dream clients and building your wetwork. But now things are starting to get busy and you realize that there are only so many Tarot readings that you can do in a week without feeling completely burnt out. So if you want to grow your online Tarot business you need to start thinking about expanding your offerings without relying on a dollars-for-hours model.

So how do you do that? How do you leverage your love and your passion for Tarot into something that will make a solid income for yourself while also delivering quality and value to your customers? Well the answer is in online products that can be automatically delivered to your customers.

So maybe you know something about the Tarot that's worth sharing with others and it might be that you know how to do Tarot spreads and you’ve got so many Tarot spreads that you could write a book about it. Or maybe you've discovered a really easy way to ready Tarot that doesn't require years and years of study. You could easily create an e-book, an e-mail tutorial series or even an online class.

Once you've produced that new product and have the right systems in place, you can sell and deliver your product without having to do a thing. It's a wonderful way of generating passive income while also serving your dream clients with products that they love. Now of course, there's always an investment of time and energy in creating these products, but the long term return is huge. So think about it, what is one new offering you could create that would provide a more sustainable source of income and that would serve the needs of your dream clients?


Let’s move on now to our final pillar and that is build a sustainable future. So now business is booming, but how do you make sure you can keep it up without completely fizzling out? Well, pillar six is all about creating a sustainable business that serves you and your clients over the long term. So here's what you need to have in place for sustained and long term growth.

You need systems and processes that either automate parts of your work or make the routine tasks more easy to implement. For example, you could create a series of emails that are sent to your customers after a purchase to make sure that they have everything that they need and offer other valuable content that they might appreciate or maybe you can even create a blogging schedule to ensure that you're covering the right balance of topics on your blog and connecting with your audience.

You also need a way of keeping on track with manifesting your big dreams whilst attending to the day to day operations of your business. I love having CEO days once a month and that's where I connect in with my vision again, I review my monthly and my annual goals and I map out the month ahead. Of course, there are a few oracle cards that slip their way in to those CEO days as well!

You also need to start thinking about hiring help. There is no way that you can do everything on your own, so having a virtual assistant, maybe even three or four can do wonders for your business. And I've got to tell you, I have seen some really successful Tarot readers online and then I ask, “So who's on your team, who's helping you?” And they say, “Oh it's just me.” I'm like what, “Oh my goodness you could do so much more if you had a little bit of extra help.” So I see that as a really central aspect to growing your Tarot business online. Most importantly you need to take care of yourself with regular breaks, peer check-ins and personal boundaries within your business.

So we cover of all of this and more in the final module of the Grow Your Tarot Business Online program, because sustained growth is incredibly important, not just to your bank balance but to you and to your loved ones and to your network and your community.

So there you have it, those are the six essential pillars for building a thriving online tarot business. Just to recap number one is align with your vision, two attract your dream clients, three build a thriving community, four market your business authentically, five expand your offerings and six build a sustainable future.

Now you could take these six pillars that I've shared with you in today's podcast episode and you would be way ahead of the bulk of aspiring Tarot professionals out there. But if you really want to grow your Tarot business online and create financial and spiritual abundance for yourself and others then I definitely invite you to join me in my signature program Grow Your Tarot Business Online because it has everything that you need.

This program is designed for professional Tarot readers to build a thriving and inspiring Tarot business online. You're going to learn the step-by-step strategies that connect to your lifestyle, your business, your values and your passions to create a sustainable and thriving business that you love. Plus, you're going to be able to implement what you learn straightaway, so that means growing your Tarot business as you take part in the program.

So here's just a sample of what you're going to learn in the Grow Your Tarot Business Online program. You'll learn the most authentic and often cost-free strategies for marketing yourself and reaching the people that you are here to serve. You're going to learn how to create compelling offers that your clients truly value and need and how to launch them in a way that you'll have a huge, huge impact. You'll learn how to charge what your services are truly worth and you'll really be thinking in terms of what value you offer versus how many minutes you work. You're going to learn how to attract not just any client but dream clients and turn them into raving fans. And you're going to learn how to connect with your own divine guidance to align your business strategies with your spiritual path. So in this program, you're going to get the exact information, tools, resources, and support to build your confidence and really go for it in terms of building the Tarot business that you really, really want.

Well there you have it, I hope that has been helpful for you and it's inspired you to think about your tarot business in a really holistic and soulful way. If you learn the strategies for how to really advance each of these pillars forward you will have a really spiritually and financially successful business.



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