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BTP43: Modern Day Tarot with Gala Darling

By September 13, 2016 September 2nd, 2021

In this podcast, I speak with Gala Darling, self-love guru and spiritual revolutionary. We talk about Tarot for the modern-day woman, and how Gala uses Tarot in her own personal practice.

Gala talks about how important it is that Tarot is coming into the mainstream. In this episode, we’ll discuss how Tarot is now a growing part of many people's lives, helping to empower them and understand themselves better. Tarot was once considered woo woo, or worse, weird – but no longer. Gala is working hard to incorporate Tarot in her mission to make weird the new normal!

In this podcast, you'll learn:

  • How a women's circle sparked Gala's interest in Tarot
  • The movie that inspired Gala's interest in Wicca and witchcraft at age 13
  • Why ‘weird' is the new normal
  • Which popular clothing store is now selling Tarot cards
  • Gala's favourite techniques for using the Tarot cards in her everyday life
  • How the modern-day woman can use Tarot for self-empowerment and Divine insight

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Podcast Transcript

Brigit:  You’re listening to the Biddy Tarot Podcast, and this is Episode 43: Modern Day Tarot with Gala Darling.


Welcome to the Biddy Tarot podcast, where you will learn how to connect more deeply with your intuition and live an empowered and enlightened life with the Tarot cards as your guide.

Listen as Brigit and her guests share their very best tips and strategies to help you read Tarot with confidence. And now, here is your host Brigit Esselmont.


Brigit:  Hello and welcome back to the Biddy Tarot Podcast.

I am super excited, as always, to be in your little earbuds talking about Tarot.

Today I have a really, really special guest and her name is Gala Darling.

Now I ran into Gala probably a good few years ago when she was running something called The Blogcademy, in Melbourne, and I went along wanting to learn more about how to make a fabulous blog – because she’d done some amazing things with her blog and I wanted to, of course, learn from the best.

Now, over time I have seen Gala just really evolve and change in so many beautiful ways.  And, just recently, I started noticing that Gala was talking a lot about Tarot – and, even better, she was coming over to visit Biddy Tarot to get all of her Tarot card meanings.

And I was particularly interested in Gala’s journey with Tarot because Gala’s kind of been through this evolution, I suppose, as someone who’s been blogging about fashion, and then talking more about blogging as a business; and now, in more recent times, she speaks a lot about Self Love and empowering women.  And also now she’s starting to dive into that juiciness of all things mystical.

And I really love her story because she’s, one, a really positive role model to other women who are looking to empower themselves; and, two, she’s kind of like this great story about a modern, every-day woman who uses Tarot in really positive and constructive ways in their life.

And that’s certainly the kind of inspiration that I want to give also to the Community – that using Tarot is a very normal, and fun, and inspiring thing to do.

So, before I welcome in Gala, let me just share a little bit of background around her – and she’s going to share a little bit more in our interview today.

So Gala Darling is a modern day guru and Spiritual Revolutionary.   She inspires millions of women to embrace radical Self Love through a selection of powerful techniques and tools, which help women transform their lives.

She was born in New Zealand – so you’re going to notice a little tiny New Zealand accent – but she moved to New York City with one suitcase when she was 24, and she used her radical Self Love to heal from an eating disorder and depression.

In recent times Gala has been getting into Tarot, and brewing up a witchy storm with her Self Love Coven.

So, welcome Gala, it’s so lovely to have you here.

Brigit: Okay, so welcome Gala.

I am so excited to have you here, and thank you so much for being on this podcast.

Gala:   Thank you so much – I can literally feel and hear you beaming down the line, which is so nice – so it’s a pleasure to be here.

Brigit: Awesome.

I’d love to get started with just hearing a little bit more about you, because I know quite a bit about you but I’m sure there are some folks that don’t.  Goodness knows where they’ve been!

So tell us a bit about who you are, and also I’m really curious about why you do what you do as well.

Gala:   Sure – so my name is Gala Darling.  I’m originally from New Zealand – don’t know if you can tell – the accent kind of comes and goes – and I’ve been living in New York City for the last eight years.

And I have been running my blog,, for the last 10 years, and the focus has always really been around:

  • Radical Self Love
  • How we can treat ourselves more kindly
  • How we can have more fun in our lives, and
  • How we can take bigger risks, and have more adventure

…because I think that, something that women particularly really struggle with is, feeling like there’s a roadmap for how we should live our lives:  Go to school, get a job, find a man, have a baby, buy a house……whatever.

And I am really big on flipping that on its head, and letting everyone know that we have options.

You can literally do anything that you want.  And I think that’s such an empowering message, and it’s something that we need to be reminded of really regularly.

Brigit: Yes, absolutely.

Gala:   So the reason that I do this is, in my teens and early twenties I really suffered with the depression and an eating disorder – I was very unhappy and I’d always been very artistic – I was always creative but, because I was dealing with these problems, I never really knew how to engage with the world in a more creative way.

I didn’t have any conception of how I could make a living through being an Artist, and when I discovered this technique called Tapping, or EFT, I was able to like dismantle the eating disorder – and dismantle that depression.  And it kind of felt like I was then looking at the world through new eyes.

And it’s like that new perception, and that new perspective, that has enabled me to take these risks and live the life that I live now.

And that’s what really motivates me to do what I do – is I know how hard it is to be in that space where you feel really trapped, and you feel like there are no options, and you just don’t know what to do. And I know how awful it is, and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

So I really want to help women see that there is a way out – that depression or an eating disorder don’t have to be a life sentence, and that our life is the result of the choice that we make on a consistent basis.

I really believe that we create our own Universe, and we are doing that every day with everything that we think, everything we say, and everything we do.

So that’s really my message, and that’s what I’m all about.

Brigit:  Wonderful – and I really resonate with that idea of:  we have choices.

Because I don’t know what’s happened to us as people, but we seem to think that we don’t have choices, and you’ve got to follow a certain path; but I’m certainly seeing more and more people starting to step into that place of empowerment, and actually seeing that they can do things in the way that they want, versus the way that maybe other people expect them to behave.

Gala:    Totally.

Brigit:  So it’s wonderful that you’re taking that journey with other women as well.

So something I’ve noticed, over the last few years, just sort of watching you evolve and change – particularly through your website – you’ve sort of gone from Online Fashionista, to Blogging Queen, to Self Love Guru – and now I’m seeing you really stepping into this kind of more mystical aspect of yourself.   Can you tell me a little bit about that journey – more from that personal transformation space?

What’s inspired you around this?

Gala:   Yes, sure – I’ve always been interested in everything weird. As a little kid I actually had a teacher who told my parents that I read too much fiction, and my imagination was too big, and I needed to read some non-fiction books.

And so I started to get out books on like the supernatural, and Al Capone, and all kinds of stuff.

And so I kind of just became super-weird.  I loved reading about stuff that was true, but bizarre.  And it was almost more exciting to me than the fiction.

So I was always weird, and when I was 13 I saw The Craft for the first time – the movie – and that really shifted something inside me. I think that movie was a really big cultural touchstone for girls my age especially.  Like when you’re 13, and you have no power in your life, and you have no idea who you are, seeing this movie about these four women who can bring in power, who can call it down and use it for themselves, was really eye-opening.  And I started to investigate the New Age and Witchcraft, and all that kind of thing.

So, I started looking at that pretty seriously when I was about 13, and was into that for a few years, until I started dating,  and, you know, dated boys who were like very intellectual and kind of cynical, and just didn’t have any time for that kind of thing.  And when you’re that age it’s very easy to cast aside the things that you’re interested in because you want to please someone else, or you want to fit in with who they want you to be, or whatever.

So I kind of put it aside.

And then I started my website in 2006 – and started it as – it was really an exploration of my personal style.  I had just come out of my depression, and I was starting to wear colour and that was really interesting, and so I wanted to explore that with people.

And I mean the evolution has really been very organic.  So I used to do a lot of fashion blogging.  And it’s crazy –  I actually did a fashion kind of post today on my blog and it felt so weird.  And I was like:  How did I do this for so long?  There’s nothing to say! “Hi, here are some photos of me.  I am wearing a dress.” Literally that’s it!

And I’ve always been interested in the deeper meaning of things, so it really has very naturally happened that I’ve kind of delved into the more mystical stuff. And, especially over the past few years – I was married in 2011- my marriage lasted four years, and during that time, as my marriage was starting to fall apart, I really needed something that gave me a sense of self again; and that made me feel good; it made me feel like I could actually control my life, rather than feeling like maybe I’d made a mistake that I could never recover from.

And I started to meet with these other women who identified as Witches on a regular basis.  Every month we’d get together, and we’d chant, and we’d Call the Corners, and we’d do Rituals and stuff; and we’d pull Tarot cards.  And it just felt really good.

And it was a combination of, firstly, recognizing that there’s power outside of myself that I can call upon whenever I need it.  And, secondly, that sense of Community that really springs up when women get together.  And that is super powerful, and something that I’d really missed.

So my exploration of all these magical things is really the merging of those two attitudes – and those two things just being really important to me in my life.

Brigit: Yes, wonderful.

And I think it’s interesting hearing you say that you were looking for more, I guess, control in your life; because I think sometimes, for Tarot, there’s this misconception that it almost takes away the control.  It’s this sort of fate-based tool that’s going to tell you your future, and if it’s a bad future then you’re stuck with it forever.

Gala:   Right.

Brigit:  But I really like that you’ve approached these kinds of tools from a place of:  I just need to get back into grips with who I am, and how I’m going to operate in this World.

Gala:   Yes.

Brigit:  I find that’s really, really good.

So tell me how did you start to find Tarot?

How did you get more connected to Tarot?

Gala:    It started with meeting with that group of women on a regular basis.

Several of them – one of them read Tarot cards for a living, and that was like her jam.  And she would often lead us through a meditation that was based upon a Tarot card.  So, depending on what was happening Astrologically, she’d pick a card that tied into that story, and we would do a guided meditation that focused on a character, or a situation or something, from Tarot, which was amazing.

So I started to just kind of loosely play with it then.  I had a little deck that I played around with, but I think it was last year, I got my hands on a Tarot deck by this Artist called Oliver Hibert.  And his work is super-psychedelic – really colourful.

His image of the Star is like – instead of the person having a head, it’s just a big eyeball and it’s like puking rainbows into this river.  It’s super over-the-top! It’s really intense, but it’s amazing, and it really captivated me.

And I loved this deck so much I really connected with it.  I’ve never really connected with a deck other than this.   And I was like:  Oh my God, this is amazing!

So I started to just – I would shuffle them, and look through them, and pull them, just because it was so pleasurable to look at the art, which I think is a really great way to get into it. And then I just started to – I would pull cards, and look at spreads, and start to Google the meanings.  And whenever I Googled them, your site would be the first result, so, literally, your descriptions of the cards is how I think of the cards now.

That’s kind of how I got into it. And it has been a slow process.  I’m certainly not an expert.  I’m very much an enthusiastic dabbler, but I really love it.

It’s interesting for people who say, “Do you really believe in this?”

I spoke to my Father about this the other day and he was like, “I find that this Magic stuff that you talk about is really at odds with the Radical Self Love stuff that you talk about, because the Radical Self Love stuff is so much about creating your own future, and Magic is so much about you are just a passenger.”

And I said, “Even if you don’t believe that the cards are giving you a meaning that you really need in that moment, they’re all common sense cards.  You’re not going to pull a card that says:  You should murder a cat today.”

It’s going to say something like:  You know what you should do today?  You should invest in your female friendships.

Or:  You should listen to your intuition and spend some time thinking about what you really want.

This is always good advice.

Brigit: Yeah.

Gala:   So I think that’s a really good way of approaching it too.

If you are very pragmatic and you are like, “No, I don’t really believe that the Universe is shuffling me some message,” then just look at it like really good common sense.

Brigit:  Yes, absolutely.

And then that sort of feeds into this common misconception about the Tarot being evil and “touch it and your hand is going to burn” kind of thing.

Particularly for you with quite a public profile – did you get a lot of push-back when you started talking about Tarot?

Did people start saying, “Why are you dabbling with that stuff?”

What was the reaction?

Gala:    I really didn’t, and I think partially that’s because I really do attract a very open-minded group of people.

And I think when you’re very authentic about who you are online, and you’re not pretending to be someone that you aren’t, then pretty much the journey that you go on, your readers are going to empathise, or be interested, or be on a similar journey–because if you’re really vibing true, then people who are very similar to you are automatically going to be attracted to you.

I had someone leave me a comment the other day that said something like:  How do you feel about the rumours that you’re fraternising with the Devil or something, on a post about a Tarot card.

And I just replied with the crying/laughing emoji because I just thought it was the funniest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.  And so ridiculous.

And the other thing is, when I started to talk about it was just as – Witchcraft is very Zeitgeisty right now – it’s very much in the public consciousness.

I just wrote an article today called The Rise of the Tumblr Witch – this is really a thing – and so as I was starting to talk about it, it was just starting to swell and become popular again, and have this resurgence.  So I think also it was good timing.

I think if I had started writing about it maybe six years ago, I might have been a little too ahead of the curve, and people may not have been willing to go on that journey with me.

But I think they’d already been softened by what was happening culturally already, and so it was that big a leap for most people.

Brigit:  I find this really interesting because I think you’re right – if this was 10 years ago, we still had that image of the Tarot reader with crushed velvet, and really boofy hair, and all those kinds of things; but now, was it the Wild Unknown is in, Oh, goodness, I forgotten the name.  What’s the name of the store?  It’s really cool. Anthropologie!

Gala:    Anthropologie.

Brigit: Anthropologie – yes.

Gala:    You couldn’t be more mainstream.

And I even think Anthropologie is part of Urban Outfitters, which I’m pretty sure is a super-conservative, almost like anti-LGBT, Christian-run company.

Brigit: Wow.

Gala:   So, yeah, it’s extremely mainstream these days.

Brigit: And it’s interesting because earlier you were talking about how you – describing yourself as weird – but I keep questioning that, and I think:  Is weird like the new normal?

Or, particularly with your audience, you’re connected so well to women who are really stepping into their Feminine Power, I wonder, are you observing that as well?

That this stuff, this Tarot, and crystals, and magic, and Witchy stuff – it’s becoming more normal and more okay, I suppose.

Is that what you’re seeing with your Community?

Gala:  Yeah, it’s really not that weird, and I think me being a weirdo is like a story that I’ve held onto because when I was younger and I grew up in New Zealand – it’s really small – I definitely was an outsider.

But the thing is, once you’re on the Internet and you’re connected to the whole world, you realise how many people really are like you, and really are similar to you.

So it’s almost like there’s nothing weird anymore because you’re instantly able to see how many other people are just as interested in the same things as you.

Brigit: Yes, absolutely.

I think the Internet has been incredibly powerful, particularly for – again I keep referring to Tarot just because that’s my space – but I think of Middle America.

If you’re reading Tarot in Middle America, it’s pretty likely that you’re not going to find someone in your neighbourhood that also reads Tarot. And you can sometimes feel quite outed.  So having this great Community online and going, “Oh, hang on, there are these people that are quite normal and down-to-Earth, and they read Tarot.  Hey, maybe I’m actually normal as well.”

I think it’s a really lovely connector.

And I’ve seen that in your group – the Facebook group –  with the Coven, there’s a lot of people who felt potentially isolated and alone in the local environment, but once they’re online they’re seeing:  Wow, I’ve actually got a Sisterhood around me!

And I think, again, that’s credit to you for being able to create that environment, and hold that space for people to feel good about themselves.

Gala:   Thank you – I appreciate that.

Yes, it’s true, we really never are as alone as we think we are.

I think aloneness is like a story that we tell ourselves quite a lot of the time.

And actually, just this past weekend I met up with some of the girls from the Radical Self Love Coven.  We went and had aura photos taken, and then there was literally a thing called Witches Fest – which was happening up the street, and they blocked off a whole street, and it was full of people who were like reading cards, and selling crystals.  And it was amazing.

Brigit: Awesome – let’s have more of that!

Definitely need more of it.

Gala:  Seriously it was great.

So cool.

Brigit:  So tell me Gala, how are you using Tarot these days in your every-day life?

How are you sort of integrating it?

Gala:    How am I integrating it?

I love to pull cards.  I don’t necessarily do it every day, but I do it pretty regularly, so probably a few times a week.

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There are a few different spreads that I like to do – like I just did a New Moon spread recently that was kind of about what you should let go of, and what you should focus on, and that kind of thing, which was really useful.

I also have a Tarot App on my phone that I really love.  It’s also a really good way of learning the meanings of the cards.  And it has lots of different spreads that you can choose from, but I usually just pull one card to see how things are going.

It’s interesting – I find that with Tarot, and with Astrology, I tend to lean on them more when there is some kind of emotional upheaval in my life.  So if my relationship isn’t going the way that I want it to go, or I’m feeling confused around my work or friendships or something like that, then I tend to look at those things much more actively.

But I think it’s good to kind of have that fun connection to them, and not just rely on them in times of crisis.  So that’s why I try and use them on a regular basis, rather than just like, “Oh God, everything’s falling apart, what do the cards say?”

Just to be on friendly terms with them – if that makes sense?

Brigit:  Absolutely.

That’s interesting, because I think it can easy to become almost dependent on the cards – so when you’re having a minor freak-out it’s like, “I need those cards right now!”

Gala:  Right – yes.

Brigit: So balancing those out with more empowering kind of readings.

The New Moon spread I think is fabulous, because that’s a cycle that you experience in your every-day life – and quite regularly – so it’s nice to integrate the Tarot with that.

Gala:   Yeah, for sure.

Brigit:  Can you think about what the most surprising Tarot reading you done is?

When have you laid out the cards and gone, “Oh, wow! Okay, I get it.”

Gala:   Oh man, that happens to me all the time – all the time.

I actually did a – I pulled some cards for my boyfriend the other day, and he’s very much like, “This is nonsense.  I’m not interested.”

But whenever I do a reading for him it’s at like some significant time, and he is always like, “Oh well, okay.”

So I did a reading for him back in – it must have been March – it was just before he was, he’s an MMA Fighter and he was fighting for a belt and a title – and I pulled cards for him just that day to see kind of what it said, and it was very much about, it really described the situation he was going into.  It described his opponent.  It described him. It was unbelievable – like unreal.

It’s interesting –I guess it feels more meaningful when I pull for somebody else other than myself, because – I don’t know – I guess I can infer all kinds of things about cards for myself; but when it’s somebody else it feels like:  Oh, this is clearly about them.

I’m not sure if that makes sense?

I did a reading for him recently where – there was a New Moon spread actually, where the letting go was about the letting go of the need to have a team around him.  And he’s been struggling with:   Do I need a Coach?  Do I need a group of peers that really understand me? Or is it okay for me to go out on my own and be a lone wolf and have this vision for the future?

And that was really fascinating that that came up, because if I had pulled that card for myself it wouldn’t have really been relevant at all.  But it was so on the money for him.  It was fascinating.

Brigit: Yes, I actually quite enjoy reading for people who are kind of like dismissive of Tarot – not in a super-negative way, but they’re like, “That’s sort of made up stuff.”

But then you draw the cards and they’re like, “Oh my goodness, how did you know that?”

Gala:    Totally, yes.

Brigit: So that’s exciting.

And it’s good that you’ve got that possibility to be able to read for your partner as well.

I think it can be hard, say if your partner is completely opposed to Tarot; but at least there’s that little bit of in, which is good.

Gala:   Right.

Like I’ll say to him, “I want to pull cards for you,” and he’ll be like, “Oh, okay.”

And then the next day I’ll be like, “So, these cards came up and they were really interesting.”

And he was like, “Oh, whatever!” And I was like, “Okay, fine.  I won’t tell you.”

And he was like, “Well you have to tell me!” So, you know, it’s like he wants it both ways.

Brigit: Yeah – they just can’t admit that they’re curious.

Gala:    Yeah.

Brigit: Yes, wonderful.

So what kind of impact is Tarot having, for you, on your life these days?

Gala:    It’s really interesting, I really feel that a lot of the time when I pull cards, it’s really reaffirming that I’m on the right track and that the things that I’m feeling, and the journey that I’m on, I’m very much in sync with where I’m supposed to be.

I find that with Astrology too. So whenever there’s a New Moon, I often find that I’m a couple of days ahead of where I theoretically should be.  And that’s really good.  It’s like, “Oh, I’m just about to start investigating this thing that is now going to be the focus.”

So that’s really interesting.

But on, I think it was Saturday,  I met with a friend of mine and she carries this teeny-tiny deck of Tarot cards with her all the time in a little pouch.  And she shook them up and we all pulled cards.

And I pulled Death and the Two of Wands which is very much, at least to me, was about this need for transformation, and that being a great thing – these new beginnings. But also taking the time to brainstorm what I really want, and thinking:  How can I create something that’s different than what I’ve had before when what I had before may not have necessarily been that satisfying? How can I switch the paradigm? What do I really want to create?

So just getting that as a little message reminded me that, yeah, that is actually something that I need to do.  And it’s something that I’m going to do.

Brigit: And I just love using Tarot for business and strategizing, so what you’re doing as well.

Because I think, the kinds of businesses that we’re both in, it’s such a beautiful integration of our personal selves, and then our more professional or work selves, so the Tarot really helps to bring those together.

And can I add my two cents for those two cards?

I can’t resist!

Gala:  Oh absolutely – I would love that.

Brigit: I was just picturing the Two of Wands – my brain thinks in terms of the Rider-Waite deck – and I think of that guy, he’s standing in the castle, so he’s not yet taking any action, but he’s standing still and looking out to see what’s possible.

So I think maybe there’s that change and transformation is more in process, versus needing to take action on it.  So you almost just have to sit in it for a little while, before it becomes clear about what will come next – if that’s helpful. That’s interesting.

Gala:   That totally is – totally is. I love that.  Very helpful.

Actually, can I ask you a question?

Brigit:  Yes, please.

Gala:  Do you have a particular spread that you do for your business if you are planning ahead for the year?  Or if you are like: Not sure what I should do now?

Or do you just kind of play it by ear?

Brigit:  A few years ago I was very spread oriented – so I had to know what the lay-out would be, and then I’d lay out the cards and so on.

But now I’ve sort of worked into this more – I’d say it’s more an intuitive and integrative process where – let’s say every month I have a CEO Day and I’ll be thinking about and reflecting on the past month, and then what’s coming up for the next month.  And I’ll do all the more rational thinking of, ‘Okay, what are the projects?’

But then when I need a bit more of that Soul integration, then I might just draw a card to see what new things that might inspire.

So it’s more like I want to know how to trust my intuition first, and then use the cards to help tap into that intuition even more; versus relying on the cards to tell me what my intuition is saying.

Does that make sense?

Gala:  Totally – that’s awesome. I love the way that you put that as well.

That’s very cool.

Brigit:  Oh, and I tell you what – the other thing that I love doing for business planning, is I draw a card from the Sacred Rebels’ Oracle Deck.

I don’t know if you know that deck?

Gala:  No. I love the name though!  It sounds good to me.

Brigit:  I mean you would just dig it big time.

It’s from Alana Fairchild.  She’s another Aussie lady.  She’s amazing.

Check it out – Sacred Rebels – it’s all about stepping into your authentic Self; and challenging the status quo; and coming into your fullest potential and Divine Self; and all that awesome, juicy stuff.

So I’ll just draw a card from there to help me understand what the theme is for the month ahead in the business. You can also do that for your personal life as well. It’s awesome.

Gala:  That’s awesome.

I will definitely check that out.

I don’t find that I connect with very many Oracle decks.  I’m always a little bit, “Nah,” but that sounds like a good one.

Brigit:  Yes. And the thing that I love the most about Alana’s work is, you read those little books, and it’s just the reading of what she’s written is so – I don’t know, it just vibrates in your soul on such a deep level.  It’s just beautiful writing.

And it’s all channeled writing.  And it’s just a beautiful process.

Gala:  Wow, that sounds amazing. Ok, Awesome.

I’m definitely going to look that up.  Thank you.

Brigit:  Yes – good. And actually Alana will be on the podcast in a couple of months as well.  So that will be really good.

So I have two more questions for you.

One is, I’m curious to know how you see Tarot playing out for the modern-day woman.

Where do you think Tarot’s going to fit in over these next few years?

Gala:  I think this is one of those things that just becomes very normal – just like how everyone burns incense, or everyone buys themselves flowers.

I think it will start to be weird if you go to someone’s house and they don’t have Tarot cards on their coffee table.

Brigit:  Yes – love it!

Gala:   I really think that’s how it is.

And I have to admit, my friends are already like that because they’re delicious weirdos and I love them.

But I really see, especially with like the Wild Unknown being in Anthropologie – like, come on.

And that’s fantastic too because that really broadens the horizon for everybody else – like anybody else who creates a beautiful deck – that means that the probability of them getting it into a store like Anthropologie is really high too.

And so it just becomes more and more accessible, and that’s fantastic.

But I really think it will be – it will just become part of people’s lives in a very natural and organic kind of way.

And I think that’s a great thing.

I think anything that helps you get in touch with your intuition is a positive thing for everybody.

Brigit:  Yes, absolutely.

I think it benefits society in so many different ways, so that’s good to hear.

So what are some of the exciting projects that you’re working on now?

What’s coming up for you over the next few months?

Gala:  Oh my goodness.

So I’m working on my second book right now, which is really exciting.

And it’s very different to my first book, so it’s very challenging as well.  But I love a challenge. So that’s good.

And then the other thing I’m working on right now is my podcast which I’ve been thinking about doing for 10 years, and have only just started recording and putting together.  And man, it’s so much fun.

I know I’m preaching to the converted here because you have a podcast so you clearly love it as well, but I just love to work in a new medium.  So that’s extremely satisfying for me.  Really, really fun.

Brigit:  Yes – I started this podcast at the start of this year and it’s super-fun.

And it’s like having a new toy.  Your brain goes:  Ooh, new stuff!

Gala:  Right. And especially with doing interviews, it’s kind of like just having a friend over to your house for a chat.

It’s very good for your Soul to just be connected to these people, and talking, and interviewing.

For a bunch of my courses and stuff, I’ve interviewed people on various subjects as additional material.  And it feels so good for me just to do that, let alone how it feels for people to read it and absorb it and listen to it.

It’s just a really good thing to be doing with your brain I think.

Brigit:  And, for me, it’s more stimulating than writing blog posts.

I think – I was noticing that you might be feeling that little slump as well.  After so many years of blogging, doing some podcasts is a lot of fun too.

Gala:  Yes, absolutely – absolutely. It’s nice to mix it up.

Brigit:  Cool.

And I said I only had two questions – I have one sneaky third question and that is just:  Where can people find out more about you?

Gala:  Okay, so I’m

I’m xogaladarling on Facebook.

And I’m everywhere else, except for Snapchat because someone stole my name – so I’m gala-darling on Snapchat….much to my anger and rage.

Brigit:  Cheeky!

We’ll make sure we put all those links in the show notes, which will be over at

And you can also get all the transcript for today’s call, and lots of other juicy goodness.

I want to say, Gala, a big, big thank you for sharing all of your insights, and just being an inspiration to other women who really want to step into their power and empower themselves, and embrace who they really are. So thank you so much for being here today.

Gala:  Oh, that’s lovely. Thank you so much for having me.  It was a total pleasure.

Brigit:  Wonderful.


Well I hope you enjoyed that interview with Gala Darling, and if you did enjoy this podcast and you’re really wanting to dive into using Tarot in your every-day life, then make sure you sign up for my Five Simple Steps to Read Tarot With Confidence.

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Now if you want to access the show notes also for today’s podcast, plus the PDF of the transcript, you can do so over at

It has been an absolute joy to be speaking with you as always, and I can’t wait to connect again for next week’s podcast episode when I’ll be talking about how to find your dream job with Tarot as a guide.

We’ll speak then. Bye!


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