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BTP133: Core Desired Goals with Katie Tassone

By July 3, 2018 September 9th, 2021
core desired goals with katie tassone

In this episode of the Biddy Tarot Podcast, I talk to my very own Marketing Manager Katie Tassone.  She tells us how to connect with our core desired feelings to create the future that we really want.  In addition to getting the word out about Biddy Tarot, Katie is also a Desire Map Facilitator. 

This is an incredibly juicy topic and we’re going to give you actionable steps you can take to identify your Core Desired Feelings.  You’ll also learn how you can supplement the process with Tarot! 

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Brigit: You're listening to the Biddy Tarot podcast and this is episode 133: Core Desired Feelings in Tarot with Katie Tassone.  

Intro: Welcome to the Biddy Tarot podcast where you'll learn how to connect more deeply with your intuition and lead an empowered and enlightened life with the Tarot Cards as your guide. Listen as Brigit and her guests share their very best tips and strategies to help you read Tarot with confidence and now, here's your host, Brigit Esselmont.  

Brigit: Hello and welcome back to the Biddy Tarot podcast. I've got a super fun and really soulful topic to talk with you today and it's all about how we can connect with our core desired feelings so that we can create the future that we really want. Now, I've brought on my marketing manager Katie Tassone to talk more about this with us. Now, not only is she a superstar marketing manager and has such a big, positive impact inside of Biddy Tarot, Katie is also a Desire Map Facilitator and part of The Desire Map is about accessing your Core Desired Feelings. So, we were having a bit of a chat beforehand and we thought hey, why don't we do a podcast where you share more about what happens inside of creating your Core Desired Feelings and then I'm going to riff and add in how we could integrate Tarot into it. So, that's what you're going to get today. It is actually a really super juicy topic and we have a lot of fun on the way and we've got actions, actionable steps that you can take to identify your Core Desired Feelings and start to make them real in your life, along with using Tarot to support that. 

Okay, so, without further ado, what I want to do is welcome on Katie. So, welcome Katie. How are you going today? 

Katie Tassone: I'm really excited.  

Brigit: I've got to say, this is a little bit different than normal because Katie and I are here in the same room. It's very odd. It's all very 3D. 

Katie Tassone: It is very 3D. We should be filming this.  

Brigit: I know and not only that, Katie is our marketing director for Biddy Tarot and yeah, I wanted to bring you on today to talk a little bit about how we can integrate Tarot with goal setting and doing it in a way that goes beyond as what you might read in a book but getting into it like real goals with soul but first, I'd love to hear a little bit more about you and your back story and what's brought you to this place. 

Katie Tassone: Yeah. Cool. Well, thanks for having me on the podcast, I'm very excited. Besides from doing the marketing with Biddy Tarot, I'm also a Desire Map Facilitator and I'm currently training to be a yoga teacher. 

Brigit: Yay! 

Katie Tassone: So, I love all things to do with Tarot, spirituality and personal development. I'm a total personal development junkie and I really fell in love with The Desire Map, which, if you don't know, is based on the best selling book by Danielle LaPorte and it really is about changing the way that we goal set. So, this conversation, I'm really excited to see how we can combine Tarot and the kind of goal setting work we do with The Desire Map because it really is about going beyond what we normally do, sort of being stuck in that regular way, that pattern, almost like the rat race without even realizing. The auto-pilot type stuff and really deepening, slowing down and connecting to what we actually want in life. So, I do a lot of that and obviously we get to have fun together a lot with our marketing and everything we get to create with Biddy Tarot. 

Brigit: Yep. Neat and we were just talking before about how this is integrating what you do with The Desire Map and what I like to do with Tarot and I think this is where all the magic happens, where we take these existing frameworks that exist and we layer in Tarot because it takes us to this whole different level. It takes us down into more of a subconscious level that we might not be aware of and it also helps more of the solidification of what we're seeing throughout the process. So, with that in mind, we're free flowing here. We're going to see where it takes us. Tell me a little bit about, very high level, The Desire Map process and how do you get to that place where you're so clear about what it is that you want to create? 

Katie Tassone: Yeah. So, the main tenet, the main backbone of The Desire Map is really one question, which is, “how do I want to feel?” And I think it's a question we don't tend to ask ourselves very often, even if we're having a conversation with somebody else, then we say, “how are you feeling?” Often times, we don't even want to know the answer. It's sort of an awkward, standard question we ask in passing to look polite but when you do stop and say, “how do I want to feel?” – especially in difficult situations – I find that's when it's the most powerful; when the feelings stuck or you're feeling confused or feeling like we're up against it. Instead of being frustrated with that situation, instead of being limited by our choices, if we stop and we say, “how do I want to feel?” it opens everything back up and it gives us our control back again. So, that's the backbone I believe of The Desire Map process, really just connecting with, “how do I want to feel?” So, ignoring the Jones's and the things everybody else is constantly doing and getting caught up in that routine and just stopping and connecting.  

Well, how do I want to feel? What do I want in this situation? What do I really desire? If I'm being honest, if I slow down, if I listen, then we can build from that. And the work that I do through this process – through The Desire Map – is really about removing layers just to get back to ourselves because we have the truth inside. It's like what we teach with Biddy Tarot, if you can stop and you can listen to your intuition, you already have all the answers. You already know what you need to do and so, it's a very similar process with The Desire Map. We're just peeling the layers back so you can get to the point where you can hear yourself and then you can build goals from that. You can build a life around that but it's really getting comfortable with just asking that question, “how do I want to feel?” 

Brigit: I think so often we end up being, in some way, the victim of our feelings. So, if I think of the last few weeks, we've had a very busy time but when do we not have a busy time at Biddy HQ? But I've been running around like a chook with my head cut off because I'm in the mode of stressed and I'm so busy but I've had those moments of clarity where I go, “Hang on a sec. I'm only stressed because I'm telling myself I'm stressed and if I just stop for a moment and I think about well, what is it that I really want to feel here? I actually just want to feel really in flow and at pace and just bringing that into my conscious awareness, it just shifts my whole energy in that moment and so, imagine if you're doing that, not just for a moment in time but you often do this for year long plans, right? Well, you're entire life. Choosing those feelings. 

Katie Tassone: Yeah, I love it, especially the example you just gave because nothing changed in your situation. Nothing changed at all. The stresses that are happening, the busyness that's happening, the goings on in life are still totally happening in that moment but all of a sudden everything feels different because you, like you said, shifted your consciousness and so, I've got goosebumps thinking about it but it is. It's just such a refreshing concept to think I don't have control over everything but you better believe I have control how I feel in this moment and if you want to really get that, then yeah, you can create the life that you want and- 

Brigit: Yeah. So, is it as easy as asking yourself, “how do I want to feel?”

Katie Tassone: Yes and no. It is absolutely that easy but because we are so conditioned to just get caught up in everything else, it's all that unconscious stuff. There's just layers. Layers and layers. So, in short, yeah, it is that simple but we have to stop and take stock of where we are get really connected again first and that's a practice. It's like reading Tarot, it's like yoga. It's something that you literally have to practice continuously so that it's a part of who you are, otherwise the other stuff just clouds yoor judgment or just clouds everything. 

Brigit: Yeah and I've got to tell you, I'm itching to get my cards. I should have had them closer to me. One sec. So, I can see a huge opportunity here where our conscious minds will say “right, I think this is how I want to feel and that's great.” I think that's about 50 percent of the way and then can we access our subconscious or our intuition to get to “well, what is it I actually really want to feel?” Because I think sometimes we go, “you know what? I want to feel loved,” and you might think, “well, that's a nice feeling. Surely, I can have that,” but really, what is it about feeling loved? What's the actual feeling that you want to feel that you can control and create versus what your brain or your ego or your mind might want to think that you want? 

Katie Tassone: Yeah and loved or anything that has an -ed at the end of it, it can often times feel like something we want and something we're trying to manifest but realistically, it still often times pointed towards somebody else. I want to feel loved by my partner. I want to feel loved within my community and we're sort of giving away that control once again in that emotion. It could be a little bit different in that you could say … there are two different ways you can do it. You can drop the -ed at the end of it and you can say, “I want to feel love.” That's a different energy. Where can I see it? Where can I feel it? Where can I receive it from? The other way you can look at it is, “I want to feel loved,” and the emphasis then becomes on maybe it's around me, maybe it's everywhere, maybe it's even being given to me but maybe I'm not receiving it, maybe I'm not noticing it. Then we get to take that control back again because then it becomes I want to feel it. I know it's there but I'm not feeling it right now. So, how can I feel it? And we take back control again. 

Brigit: Yeah. Beautiful. All right. I've got these cards in my hot little hands. The way that I'm seeing it is, just simply to draw a card and use it to connect with your subconscious and help to bring that into your conscious awareness. Now, is the card, the word is going to give you the feeling of it? No, unless we've got strength or something here, no. So, I just started shuffling and I've got the Two of Cups. God, I love Tarot. Here we are talking about being loved and feeling loved and here we are with the Two of Cups. So, actually, this is a neat example because it's almost like a confirmation that what you've got in your conscious mind is reflective of also what's in your subconscious. So, in this case, that would be beautiful for a confirmation that okay, I feel like it's I want to be loved and this is a confirmation. Let's just try another card as an example. What have we got? It's the Queen of Cups.  

Katie Tassone: All those emotions flowing, lovely. 

Brigit: That's it! Yeah. So, this could just be another sign of the flow of emotion and what I love most about the Queen of Cups is she can give and receive love and she does it so unconditionally and this just beautiful present in here and you might start to think about well, all right, what's this telling me about the feelings that I want to create? It doesn't necessarily, a Tarot card wouldn't dictate, right, you must be feeling flow in emotion. No. It's more intended here as a prompt, I suppose, to help you go deeper and help you explore what's already in you rather than looking at this external source of this is what you must feel. 

Katie Tassone: Yes! I love that and so, one of the other ways we would do it in the workshop style is we might look at when have you experienced love before? What's your fondest memory of feeling loved? And what was your part in that? Because that's that concept of the flow of love requires a giver and a receiver and what was your role in that? How were you showing up? How were you receiving that love? What was the other person like? What did it look like? You can go into all those sorts of depth and so, I love that this is what's come up to with the cards is because it's the same thing. It's looking at the Two of Cups and that partnership and that give and receiving and then the beautiful Queen of Cups, who's in flow with love, understanding that, once again, that give, receive. It's that effortless, it's that unconditional and they're all energies, right? And so, it's getting in touch with what is this really about? Like you said.  

Okay. So, my conscious mind is telling me I really want to feel loved and that can feel very disconcerting to say sometimes if you're really not feeling loved. It can feel awkward and should I even feel that way? And then by using the Tarot or doing your journaling, that's when you get that, “Yeah, no, that's what I want and I have had it before. This is what I feel like and I recognize it in the cards,” 

Brigit: Yep. Beautiful. All right. So, we've established our feeling. The feeling that we want to feel. What comes next? What's step two? 

Katie Tassone: So, the next step would actually be, usually it would be looking at full spectrum of your life and where is it showing up and where is it not? And really just doing an audit. Having a good overview because sometimes we can ignore an area of our life, especially when we're talking about goal setting and that concept. We might have our favorite areas, which might not even be out favorite but it seems to be the one we spend all our energy on. So, it might be career. Just focused on career and all the goals happening in career or it could be family and things might not be going all right or they could be going all right but for some reason, all the energy just keeps getting put into family. So, in this next step, a really good thing to do is look at the whole spectrum of your life. Really get a good overview of it and then start to look at well, where am I feeling loved? Where am I not? Or where are things working and where they're not and really getting that concept of the gratitude for what is working and really sinking into that feeling and then looking at what's not working with an open heart, without any judgment. Like an audit. Just really reviewing it to start with. 

Brigit: And again, I think this is where you would work with it from a conscious perspective. So, you'd probably write this down or journal it and then if there are any gaps or blind spots or any area where you're like, “I'm not really sure where I'm feeling loved in my career.” How does that work? That's probably where the Tarot could come into it too just to high light any of those blind spots that might be in play. 

Katie Tassone: Yeah, definitely because the thing is, especially when it comes to love (and I love that that's the example we're talking about) is that as human beings, we're interacting with other people all the time and sometimes we consider love as being something that's only between our most intimate relationships but what if it was possible for you to feel love in your workplace? What if it was possible for you to feel love in your general community? Really looking at it as being just a feeling that we have. An emotion that's possible that we could experience in our every day life, in all areas of every day life. If you're lucky enough to work with somebody who you really get along with really well and you get to have that experience, you get to feel loved, appreciated, your showing up, you're really contributing to the world. That feeling becomes so much more expansive and it's not then something that's just solely for your partner at home or your kids or your family. 

Brigit: Yeah. Well, let's just do a practice run. Let's say I was feeling stuck on what does love look like in my career and I'm drawing a card. It's the High Priestess. So, this might be a sign that love comes through, okay. So, with the High Priestess, I'm actually feeling into more of the subtleties, that subtle energy that happens through the High Priestess and love may not be as apparent on the surface but it's all happening at a more energetic level and certainly when you start to feel into your business or your job, that might be where love is appearing. So, again, it's not a crystal clear here's your answer, thanks very much but I see it as a way of opening up another line of questioning to go, “Right, what does that mean for me? Or is there something here that I haven't seen while I was trying to think through my audit of feelings?” 

Katie Tassone: Yeah and you've totally hit the nail on the head because this whole process and really everything we're doing in life, it's all just an experiment and you need to have curiosity and just really, “what else could be possible?” Or “what does this mean for me?” Just getting really comfortable asking questions and seeing what happens when you open yourself up to what the answers could be. That's where we find these new aspects of ourselves. That's where we find these new aspects and these new dimensions of the relationships we have and that's where we find out what can be possible. So, that's right, it's a prompt. It's having a set of journaling questions as a prompt to open up, especially if you're really heady. I tend to be quite heady and so, just having a book in front of me, a blank page and somebody's saying, “Okay, Katie, now, 20 minutes of just free flow journaling.” I will spend the first five minutes, if I'm forced to write, and I often talk about this, the first five minutes will be, “I don't know what to write. I'm writing in my journal but nothing's coming out,” because I'm so still in my head. 

So, journal prompts, I love. A question. Okay, I can write that answer and then it starts to flow and it comes up and I really see Tarot as being exactly the same thing. It's a prompt. Considering, “okay, I know that or I'm feeling into this emotion. This is what's showing up for me in this card. How would that apply to me?” And just writing. It opens up a new door way. 

Brigit: Yep. Neat. Okay. So, we've tapped into what we want to feel. We've done an audit. What comes next? 

Katie Tassone: Yeah. So, I think then the next thing is when you really work out what it is you want to create in your life, which is where the goal setting comes in, it's then, well, what do I need to do and who do I need to be to show up? And that's where, straight away, I can see with Tarot, there's just such a powerful connection there because you can really connect them with the archetypes. You can really think about who is a great example of showing up like that? What's the energy going to feel like? Who do I need to be? And once again, we get to take back control then. 

Brigit: Yep and I think this is where we kind of shift gears a little bit with Tarot. So, what I've been doing is shuffle, draw a card. This is now about making a conscious decision about which of all the Tarot cards do I want to most embody that will allow me to create this feeling of love? And let me rack my brain. What would I choose? And Katie, maybe you can think about what you would choose too. I'm kind of…The Empress  just keeps screaming. I'm just seeing her picture. I'm going to find that card while you have to think about what would come up for you. 

Katie Tassone: For loved? 

Brigit: Yeah. 

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Katie Tassone: I tend to be drawn to Temperance a lot. 

Brigit: Oh, good, because I just went past that card. So, there you go. 

Katie Tassone: Yeah. 

Brigit: Okay. So, this is going to be fun. I don't think you realized I was going to put you on the spot like this but tell me, what do you see in the card? What's connecting you to love when you look at the Temperance? And by the way, we're looking at the Everyday Tarot. It's a deck you absolutely must get. It's available at and yeah, so Katie, what are you seeing in the imagery? 

Katie Tassone: Well, particularly with the Everyday Tarot deck, I really see this ethereal being. So, it's the lightness of love. It's not being caught up in the details and being weighed down and definitely Temperance = balance. Again, it's once again it's that giving and receiving. It's honoring your own boundaries and others' and that's where I feel the lightness really comes in. If you think about it on a scale, if you've got the balance on both sides, it's almost like neither weight anything because they're just sitting there together in perfect harmony. So, I love that because sometimes love can feel really heavy and it can feel really challenging and other times, and I think in its best version of itself, it's just light and effortless and I love that. So, the Temperance card always… and I'm a Libran too. So, I can't help it. It always pulls me in.

Brigit: Balance, and is there anything in the card you're saying that's kind of unexpected? Because I think we can consciously choose a card and then we can take our level of understanding to a new level when we find something unexpected in the card.

Katie Tassone: Well, particularly with this card, I love the fact that there are two cups that are just continuously pouring into each other and so, that just makes me think of self-love. You need to feel your own cup because you can't gear from an empty cup. So, in this case, the two cups, one's upside down pouring into the other but the other one's pouring up into it as well. It's just this continuous flow and I really love that imagery. 

Brigit: So, that gives you some new information too about how that might play out. Neat. So, for me, I've got The Empress in front of me and the pregnancy of The Empress, I love and just how she births stuff into the world and I feel that can be a really strong expression of love in terms of what you can birth into the world and through creation there is love and yeah, love creates creation in some ways. Yeah, it's neat. So, I'm just trying to think what's the unexpected. Maybe the feminine element. I'm looking at her earring, it's the symbol of the, I always forget what it's called but it's the female symbol. Venus, thank you. So, that's also reminding me of the femininity of the feeling of love. So, that would probably be my little bit of extra information.  

Now that we have these two cards, there's something really fun that you can do with particularly the Majors, well any card really, and that is to create a ritual with this card. So, actually, step back first. You can take this card now and you could put it up wherever you have it everyday. So, you can see it everyday and tap into that energy but you can also create a ritual and you can free flow with the ritual. It doesn't have to be a certain way. There's not a book that tells you exactly what The Temperance ritual is but Katie, if you're really connecting into that concept of the water flowing back and forward, could you even through the act of taking two cups with water and just pouring back and forth and just connecting in with the energy of that? 

Katie Tassone:Yeah, I really like that. It was funny because when you talked about a ritual, I went straight to visualization. I'll settle in and I'll visualize something, which I think I would do as well because one again, quite heady. So, sometimes it's difficult for me to drop into that space but with a clear visualization, I find it much easier and so, visualizing, meditating on The Temperance card, that would be really powerful but I hadn't thought about doing it as a physical, in my actual reality. In doing that, I like that idea of moving it back and forth. It also makes me feel like a child. Used to do things like that when you were a kid, experimenting with water and textures and things and so, I think that's nice when we're talking about love as well as stepping back into that playful act and yeah, I like that. I'm moving my hands back and forth while talking about this. I can't help it. 

Brigit: Neat. 

Katie Tassone: Yeah, I like that. 

Brigit: And then if you're holding the intention of the feeling that you want to feel as you're observing the pouring, it's a very simple act but it may unlock further insights for you. Just even, I head down to the beach, I look at the waves, I'm theorizing about life just looking at the waves and all this new stuff comes up just from saying something so simple but yeah, as you said, just doing a meditation with the card and even stepping into being this etheric being that you say in The Temperance card, that can be really powerful and experiencing that every day really strengthens as well and of course, you can do that with Soul Meditations, which is a series of guided visualizations with the Major Arcana, available over at

Katie Tassone: I know, it's a fabulous plugging today in this podcast.

Brigit: I can't help it!

Katie Tassone: It's true though. I've often actually listened to Soul Meds and it's really helped me get a better understanding of the cards and I really liked that stepping into it because I can be quite a heady thinker and so, I do need a little bit of help sometimes to stop thinking so much and to feel a bit more. I love that idea and even just that act. As we were just talking about, the act of pouring the water from one cup to the other. I just started to feel lighter. I started to feel more ethereal and it reminded me that there is a part of me already that exists that is like that and I think that's the point, right? It's like tapping into that aspect of ourselves. We can really feel that energy and feel how we want to show up in the world because our way of being is not fixed, yet sometimes it's easy for us to get locked into that and to think, “I am this way or I'm abrupt or I'm this.” You know? Whatever it happens to be, but when you get to experiment with a visualization, with stepping into the card or really meditating on it or even doing that physical act, the ritual, you go, “Oh, I can be light and soft and ethereal and I remember what I feels like within.” 

Brigit: I'm thinking next layer is also, it becomes an anchor. So, it's a very simple thing. Imagine you're cooking dinner and you're like, “Oh, I'm so grumpy. I've got to cook dinner again.” And you think, “No, just getting my cups out, I'm just going to fill them with water, I'm going to pour them back and forward and that's my anchor to bring me back to this feeling that I want to create.” 

Katie Tassone: Yes! Yes! Yes! Absolutely. I love that. Everything then just comes back to I'm in control and not in a forceful, I'm in control, I'm keeping it contained, I've got … it's a completely different sense of control. It's, “Oh, no, that's right, I get to choose because how do I want to feel?” I want to feel light. I want to feel ethereal. I want to feel balanced. Well, then, what can I do right now in this moment to feel that way? Get out my cups and just pour it back and forth and all of a sudden, you have that tool that's available to you at any time and even if you don't have cups and you don't have water right then, you can close your eyes and just move your hands back and forth, which is what I'm doing once again and step back into that feeling.  

Brigit: Yep. Beautiful and so, does that round out the process in terms of tapping into your Core Desired Feelings and creating that in your life? 

Katie Tassone: There's a lot more depth to it. A lot more depth. Obviously, you can read the book or you can go along to a workshop. There's a lot of Desire Map Facilitators all around the world, which is really cool and you can really get deeper into that then and really get in touch with your, what we call, Core Desired Feelings, which is, they're almost like your magic words. Your GPS, your powerful set of feelings, of words, of imagery that you will use that can guide you and it might be, say five or say, I like to think of them as you can hold them in your hands. So, I think five's a nice number and then basically, that's your core guidance system but yeah, there's a lot more layers you can go through but this is a really great starting point for really getting in touch with that and if you can feel comfortable with just asking yourself “how do I want to feel?” all day long, every day, throughout your day and especially when you sit down at the start of an important milestone in your life.  

It could be the start of the year, start of the week, could be mid-week, whatever it is that you feel like you need to actually set some new goals, then start with how you want to feel first. Think about what you could be doing right now, not in six months time, not when you've got the perfect bank account, not when you've lost all the weight, not when you've found the perfect partner but right now, what can you be doing to feel that way? Like the cups, like the meditating. And then you can build some goals around it. Some specific goals. So, rather than saying, which is what we tend to do with our normal goal setting process as we go straight to – without even realizing it – we go straight to the thing that we're goal setting for. I want to have a million dollars or I want to run a half marathon or I want to do this thing, I don't even know why. Is that my goal? Or is it somebody else's? And then it could be, once you step back and go how do I want to feel?  

And it could be I want to feel freedom and your conscious brain, your unconscious, everybody's been talking and they went, “Dude, so, to feel freedom, you're going to need lots of money.” So, without even realizing it, you've gone straight to, “I need money.” Where as when you bring it back down to actually, I just want to feel freedom – so many possibilities of different things you can set up for yourself! So many different goals you can create to facilitate that. And yeah, money might be one of them but you've got all these other avenues. You don't get obsessed with the one goal that you've created without even realizing it.  

Brigit: And I think that's a good example too because freedom and money may go together but money can also create a lack of freedom because if you're having to work your tushy off to get that money, you've actually sacrificed freedom. So, if you're holding the energy around the freedom piece versus what's the total end outcome, the tangible outcome, holding the energy around the feeling is in much more alignment and I think you make much better decisions around that. 

Katie Tassone: Yeah, absolutely and when we're working with the Law of Attraction, when we're trying to manifest what we want, we know the how is not up to us. It's not. Where as, when we traditionally goal set, it tends to be, we fix it on the way we're going to get there. We've already worked out the how and then we kind of get obsessed with that. And if it doesn't work out exactly that way, there's a level of disappointed that's attached to it where if you just come back to how do I want to feel? Then it doesn't matter how it happens. You've opened up all this possibility of anything that could happen and any way that you can get there. You've got control, you can co-create with the Universe, you've got all these options and it just feel better. It just feels better. 

Brigit: Just do it. 

Katie Tassone: Yeah. From one goal obsessed person to another, this is such a lighter, more effortless, more fun, more creative way to goal set is just start with, “how do I want to feel?”  

Brigit: Beautiful and I think that's a perfect place to wrap it up and I also hope it's become apparent for those listening is how you can integrate Tarot with this kind of process and how it weaves in so beautifully and Tarot really isn't about telling your future. It's about creating your future and now you have one particular way of doing that. So, that's neat. Beautiful. So, Katie, do you have a website where people can find you? 

Katie Tassone: I do. You can go to and I've got some blog posts up there and there's other information or you can reach out to me on social media @thekatietassone

Brigit: Awesome and we'll make sure that we post those links in the show notes. Thank you so much Katie. This has been fun.  

Katie Tassone: That was really fun. I enjoyed it a lot and I love the depth that we can go in with Tarot. I'm excited to try out the cups. Definitely is going to become part of my practice. 

Brigit: Awesome. We'll have to post it on social. 

Katie Tassone: Yeah.  

Brigit: Cool. All right. Thank you.  

So, there you have it, I hope you enjoyed the conversation with Katie and I as much as I did and you're now inspired to go away with your Tarot cards and your journal and start to have a think about your own Core Desired Feelings and how you can start to embody those using Tarot as a guide as well. Very neat. Now, a couple of things I mentioned in the call. Soul Meditations. If you want to work more deeply with your Tarot cards, especially the major arcana, I highly recommend my program, Soul Meditations. For each of the Major Arcana cards, I've done a guided visualization, which walks you into that card and it takes you beyond what you're thinking about the card but getting more into your subconscious connection with the energy of the card and that is where the absolute power and the magic really begin to happen. So, if you want to check out Soul Meditations, just go over to and you'll find Soul Meditations on there, along with all of our other products as well.  

Now, I'll also mention the Everyday Tarot deck that we were playing with. I wish we could have an image of it while we're talking. It's kind of impossible when it's through audio only but I'd love to invite you to check it out. Go to I am launching this Tarot deck, plus the book in September 2018. So, you can pre-order your deck now and you can then receive it in September and do you know what is the really cool thing about this deck? Not only is it awesome, it looks great, it's mini. So, it fits beautifully into your hands and into your hand bag but it's the retail price for this is 12.95 US dollars. It's nuts. It's so affordable. You just can't say no to it. Anyway, I'll leave you with it. So, if you want to check it out there.  

Now, coming up next week, I'm going to be talking about a topic that I got asked about quite a lot. It's all about how to clear and cleanse your Tarot cards. So, I hope I will see you there. All right, bye for now.  

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