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BTP107: Tarot for the Wild Soul with Lindsay Mack

By January 2, 2018 January 6th, 2021
healing tarot for the wild soul with lindsay mack

In this episode of the Biddy Tarot Podcast, I have a chat with intuitive healer, holistic counsellor and Tarot reader, Lindsay Mack. Now a regular contributor to The Numinous and Founder of Wild Soul Healing and the Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast, Lindsay came to find her soul purpose after a complete breakdown in 2014. A survivor of childhood trauma and PTSD, she is now thriving and bringing light and healing to others who have experienced mental, emotional, and physical suffering. Listen to our conversation about her healing journey in Episode 107 of the Biddy Tarot Podcast. 

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You’re listening to the Biddy Tarot Podcast, and this is Episode 107: Tarot for the Wild Soul with Lindsay Mack. 

Welcome to the Biddy Tarot Podcast, where you'll learn how to connect more deeply with your intuition and live an empowered and enlightened life with the Tarot cards as your guide. 

Listen as Brigit and her guests share their very best tips and strategies to help you read Tarot with confidence. Now, here is your host, Brigit Esselmont. 


BRIGIT: Hello and welcome back to the Biddy Tarot Podcast. I have a super cool guest on today, and her name is Lindsay Mack. Now, Lindsay Mack is an intuitive healer, holistic counsellor and Tarot reader, based in Brooklyn, New York. She’s also the Founder of Wild Soul Healing and the Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast. 

She’s a self-described joyful and healthy survivor of childhood abuse, trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and she’s passionately dedicated to honouring and helping to bring space, light and healing to those who are experiencing mental, emotional and physical suffering. 

It was the healing from a breakdown in 2014 that fully birthed her into this sacred work and onto her soul path, and it’s really become an organic part of her healing work, using Tarot and her intuition and her inner guidance. And, of course, she’s very honoured to be sharing these offerings to those who feel called to them. 

Now, you might know Lindsay Mack not just from her Wild Soul Healing, but she’s also a regular writer and contributor to The Numinous and other sites, such as MindBodyGreen, The Nourished Journal, Of the Wolves, and she’s even contributed to part of Ruby Warrington’s book, who we’ll hear from in the next few episodes, called Material Girl, Mystical World. 

Lindsay is certainly in the right crowd, and she’s certainly getting her message out there. In fact, every time I read a Tarot post that’s come from New York, I swear, Lindsay is nearly always quoted in there, so she’s certainly got a strong influence in New York and in the wider Tarot community. 

Now, in today’s conversation, we talk a lot about Lindsay’s personal healing journey from her traumatic childhood and how she started to use that to help to heal others. Not only has she helped to heal herself, but now she’s using this in her Tarot practice and, essentially, in life coaching. 

She also talks about how she’s created a solid list of clients and is now really ready to up-level to serving more people on a larger scale and how she plans to do that. She talks also about the ups and downs of being a professional Tarot reader. It’s just really interesting. 

It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey; I think you’ll just find Lindsay really inspiring, and whether you want to be a professional Tarot reader in the future or not, it doesn’t really matter. Lindsay’s message is powerful and exciting to hear. 

Now, I should note that if you do have kids listening to this podcast right now, we are two adults having an adult conversation, which does mean Lindsay does swear a little bit into this podcast, and we did think about beeping it out, but you know what? I think we all swear. I do. I just don’t do it so much on this podcast, so we have left it in. Just a warning in case you’ve got kids listening to the podcast. 

All right, I’ll be quiet, and I’m going to hand over to our conversation with Lindsay Mack. 


BRIGIT: Welcome, Lindsay. I’m so excited to have you here. How are you doing today? 

LINDSAY: I’m so good. Thank you so much for having me. What a pleasure! 

BRIGIT: Oh, good. I bet we’re going to get into some juicy, juicy stuff today. Now, for some of the folks who may not know you, can you just share a little bit about who you are, what you do and the magic you create with your Tarot cards? 

LINDSAY: Sure. I’m Lindsay Mack, and I am an intuitive… Gosh, you know, I do… I’m not the best at this small description, but basically, I do soul work with the Tarot, and I’m an intuitive, certified holistic counsellor. I’ve been a Tarot reader for over 20 years, professional “day job” for about 3. 

Yeah, I just try to serve people wherever they are in their journey, and Tarot is my helper, you know? 

BRIGIT: Yep, wonderful. This kind of work is very hard to put into your magic three or four words, isn’t it, because it’s so deep and transformative? 

LINDSAY: Yeah, it is. 

BRIGIT: Obviously, you’ve been on quite a journey to get to where you are now, and I know that you’ve had a really good personal healing journey, so I’d love to hear a little bit more about how Tarot has helped you through that healing journey and how you’ve used it as your medicine. 

LINDSAY: I love that question. Thanks for asking. Basically, the shorthand of it is that I’m a survivor of really extreme—very extreme—childhood abuse and had PTSD that was pretty crippling. I didn’t really have too much of a life until I was about 30 years old, and I got to a point after years of suffering, at the age of 30, where a few different things happened in conjunction with one another, and I made a very radical decision to continue to live when I wanted to die, basically. 

I had been doing healing work for years, by the way, but I had never really understood that I was an intuitive. Tarot really wasn’t a part. I had a wellness practice in Manhattan. It was done. 

Right after that moment, it was a full-on breakthrough, breakdown, breakup. It didn’t feel that way in the moment. It never does. It’s never romantic in the moment. Ever. But at the age of 30 when I made that decision to really live, to make changes to release people from my life and to really choose… I didn’t really realise it at the time, but really choose me and choose a team of helpers. 

Tarot… I use the Mother Peace Tarot deck. I usually say I like to read in a deckless way, and that is the way that I teach with the Mother Peace as my deck, which had been given to me 10 years prior. It was the only deck I still owned. It literally just made its way into my hands, and through the worst and through the lightest and the absolute heaviest moments of my healing journey through PTSD, through the big processing of it in that couple-of-year period, Tarot was the thing that, when I had moments when I wasn’t quite sure what was really happening, whether or not the fear or the emotion or the experience that I was having internally was true or not, when I didn’t know, this communication that was facilitated between my deck and I… it consistently gave me invitations and opportunities to see what was possible from the present moment, rather than drop into identification with the fear. 

I didn’t know that I was doing something at the time that would later be the cornerstone of the way that I teach and read. No clue. I had no attachment to that. It was just a tool for me. 

Concurrently, there started to be these gentle opportunities for me to read at stores, which I was very sensitive about but did it, and it was perfect work for me. Absolutely perfect. While I was doing these gentle little readings for people at a shop in Brooklyn, I was doing my own really deep work, and it was happening at the same time as each other, and the more I healed, the more my practice blew up. 

The trajectory has been very marked in the past few years. I’ve gone from reading in stores to reading in a wellness centre to being full-time. I work out of my home now, and I’ll have my own space, actually, in May, in Brooklyn. 

It totally saved my life, and I feel like you will really dig this because you’re Our Lady of the Tarot. It was “the deck.” I don’t know if that would have happened to me if I had worked with a Rider. It’s not to say that the Rider-Waite can’t be that for someone, but it just wouldn’t have been for me. It was the perfect intersection of right time, right place, saying yes to my life and then, finally, having everything broken open to show me all of these gifts that I had never known, these ways to be of service to people who were and are suffering in a way that I am honoured to hold space for. It’s just been one hand holding the other. 

It was my medicine because it was the #1 tool besides some really important… PTSD is no joke. You’ve got to have a doctor and all different kinds of things. It’s super important, you know? Beyond all that, it was the tool that healed my relationship to God, literally. Not to go that deep 7 minutes into this. It formed my trust again. It connected me with my gods, and really, it all came from that. Pulling cards in the bathroom in a tough moment, or pulling cards on the subway, or pulling cards when I was taking a breath on a bench. 

And now that I am in a place in my life where my feet are 100% rooted, and I don’t know that I have so much post-trauma in my body anymore… I’ll be working through trauma forever, probably. Who knows? But I think that’s everyone to a certain extent. Now it’s been a tool not only for my survival but my thriving, which has been a very powerful journey to be on because it was a tool to help me, literally, stay on the planet, heal these wounds, and now it’s been such an enormous tool for me to expand my reach, be of service, understand things with clients, understand things with my service, and all different kinds of expansion now. 

BRIGIT: Yeah. 

LINDSAY: Yeah, it’s really deep soul medicine for me, you know? 

BRIGIT: Yeah. Aw, so many words… So few. I’ve seen this with talking to other people, too. A while ago, I spoke with Holly Whitaker from Hip Sobriety, and she spoke of a similar journey but in a different context, in the context of recovery from alcohol addiction and drug addiction. Again, a very similar process where it was the cards that really helped her reconnect back with herself and almost… I don’t want to say, “calmed her down,” because it almost makes her sound like a wild, crazy woman, but just bring back to the present moment and the centre point. 

What do you think was the process that was happening for you as you were using the cards in your healing process? 

LINDSAY: The actual process in… 

BRIGIT: What do you think was going on for you? Do you think that it was when you were looking in the cards, you were starting to see your reflection back to you? Were you seeing the lessons in the cards? What do you think it was? 

LINDSAY: Yeah. That’s a great question. I think that it was a blend of… I really approached, when I came to my deck in those moments… By the way, I came to my deck with lots of other moments that were very light and mundane that are fine. You don’t need to be in enormous suffering to drop in very deeply with the deck, but when I was coming at them from that way, what I wanted to know was “What is the invitation in this moment for me?” Not to me, for me. 

There’s pain here. There’s suffering. There might be identification. There might be grief or anxiety. 

How can I mother this, rather than try to outwit it or push it away? 

I wanted to process—actually process—my trauma with my deck, and it offered the opportunity to do that. 

By the way, I will also say I think that’s just me. That’s my personality. I would much rather lean in and work on something, rather than not look at it, and the Tarot, specifically this deck, is ideal for that because I would much rather see the medicine in the difficult moments and take it, embody it, than try to use it as a tool to just show me what I want to see or whatever. 

It was very helpful because… Let’s take it totally out of trauma. Let’s just look at a difficult experience, where the mind is clouded in contraction. It’s very hard to see, so the visual of the card was very calming to my nervous system, even when it was something maybe a bit spiky in terms of cards that you could choose. 

Yeah, I wanted to know how I could be in whatever moment I was in, in a way that was in my highest and best, in a way that was of the most service. That was really where it came from. 

BRIGIT: Yep. Beautiful. And I think there’s something really something to the idea of the Tarot card being something outside of you, and then you can relate to the thing that’s outside of you, and then that reflects back inside of you. 

LINDSAY: Totally. 

BRIGIT: On the flipside, if you’re just sitting there all by yourself, trying to deal with and process things, it’s all happening internally, and that can often be too much around it. 

LINDSAY: Totally. 

BRIGIT: So, having that thing in front of you, looking at the pictures, telling the story, can just be a really gentle way of easing into it, and it sounds like that’s been part of the process for you as well. 

LINDSAY: Yeah. That’s it. 

BRIGIT: Yep. Beautiful. 

LINDSAY: Very much so. 

BRIGIT: Obviously, we also use Tarot to connect with our intuition and our inner guidance system. How are you using the Tarot now for connecting with your intuition? 

LINDSAY: Well, you know, I have discovered… I don’t think it’s that unique. I don’t know. I don’t think it’s that’s unique. I think it happens with people. I’m really a channeller that uses the Tarot. I hear guides all the time, in plain English, and what the Tarot does help me do is see a larger grid, a larger map for moments when… Because let’s fuckin’ face it. Sorry, can I curse on here? 

BRIGIT: We might end up beeping that one out. 

LINDSAY: OK, sorry! I’m shocked that this is the first time. I’m from New Jersey, so I’m sorry about that. The Tarot helps me in moments to zero in on what’s… It’s like, you know, with intuition, sometimes even though you might be hearing something very clearly, there are questions. 

“Is this my brain?” 

“Is this an old pattern?” 

“Is this fear?” 

“Are these guides? Is it not?” 

“Is it just the inner voice, or is it nothing?” 

I often use Tarot check that, to just say, “OK, what actually am I being invited to pay attention to right now?” 

I’ll pick a card, and very often that helps me confirm or not confirm, like, “OK, this is what I was receiving and hearing,” so it offers me a really beautiful checkpoint, which is lovely in my own practice. 

It really does the same thing with clients because very often I will hear things for people as they are speaking to me about what’s going on. Somehow, I’m able to hear them and hear “knowings.” Then when I put cards out, a lot of the time, the cards will help me to… It turns a lightbulb on for me that says, “Oh, this was correct.” “What I was hearing for this person was correct,” and other times, it’s the opposite. 

Other times, I have some preconceived notions sometimes. I don’t do that often, but I’m a human being. Sometimes there are preconceived notions about how a reading is going to go or about what this person will “probably get,” and the cards keep me super honest and will adjust, a lot of the time, me out of my belief systems into a deeper, soul understanding of what this person is going through in their journey. 

I feel like if I’m one side of the island, and God is the other side of the island, Tarot is the bridge, you know? 

BRIGIT: Beautiful. 


BRIGIT: I can see that on a quote card already! Tarot is the bridge. It totally is. I love that concept. 

LINDSAY: It totally is. 

BRIGIT: I mean, just as a side note, it always astounds me how, somehow, we’ve managed to get all of the life lessons and all this amazing, beautiful stuff into these 78 Tarot cards. And how is it that it describes everything? 

LINDSAY: Oh, my gosh! 

BRIGIT: It’s crazy. 

LINDSAY: How do they do it? 

BRIGIT: I know! 

LINDSAY: How did they do it? You know? Just so perfect. 

BRIGIT: Yep, absolutely. Now, I just wanted to cycle back to something you talked about when you were introducing yourself, and that was that you’ve been a full-time reader now for about 3 years, and I know that there are probably folks who are listening who are like, “Oh, I’ll never be a professional,” but there are probably many others who are thinking, “You know what? Maybe I’m close to it. Maybe I’m already doing some casual readings and thinking about making that jump to this being a full-time career.” So, I’d love to hear a little bit more about how you made that transition, and how did you know that it was the right way for you, the right path? 

LINDSAY: Well, I want to correct myself because I did say 3 years, and it’s totally not been 3 years. It’s been 2 years, so my apologies for that. I just want to be exactly correct—not your fault, my fault. How did I know that was the right path for me? 

I mean, I didn’t. I didn’t know, you know? That’s the truth. I didn’t know. I loved reading people’s Tarot more than anything I had ever done. I felt so strongly that it was the thing… It was like once I started to do it… I had done it my whole life, but once I did it after my breakthrough experience (really, it was a breakdown/breakthrough or whatever), it was just so clear to me.  

Something clicked. The clients were there. The business was there. The interest was there. It was very consistent. Not all the time, but very consistent, and I didn’t know. I wanted it to be, but I didn’t know. 

I was a babysitter, a nanny for many years in New York City as a way to make very good money. I enjoyed that work and took a lot of pride in it. I was an actor before I started my wellness practice and still had a day job then. I just could never really get out of nannying, and I knew that I was going to step into Tarot. I was going to try full-time because the mom that I had been working for excitedly told me that she was pregnant with her second child when she was about 3 months along, and she told me 6 months in advanced that they wouldn’t need me after the second kid. 

This Brooklyn mom told me, “I know you have gifts, and I think it’s time in your life that you try, and I’m giving you a half a year to figure it out, and we’ll keep you on until the day that I get induced.” 

I literally knew the last day of work, and my last day is the birth of her kid, which is just really beautiful, but I still, even though that seems all clear, suffered, was terrified, went through so much self-sabotage. I almost left my husband during that time. A million different things because I was just so scared. 

But yeah, that’s the thing that I’m not afraid to share: I did not know. I wanted it to be. I hoped it would be. And I’ve got to tell you, I was doing Tarot very consistently for a year—a solid year—before I quit my job, and I feel like I just recently was like, “Eh, I feel like this is probably going to be pretty good for me for a while.” 

I think that there’s just a massive amount of personal work that has to go in because it changes with every level. Anyone can do this if it’s their calling, and it feels right for them. If the desire aligns with the purpose, absolutely, and it’s not like anyone is exempt from it; it’s just that I think we know if we know. And there were lots of different times when I found myself trying to change my trajectory because I was afraid of success or whatever. 

There are different mile markers on the road. It’s never just like you quit your job, and all of a sudden, you’re full-time—not to burst anyone’s bubble. At least for me, I really find it to be a continual, spiral journey through “Whoa! What’s my work? How is my service deepening? How is my intuition deepening?” 

Yeah, I didn’t know. That was the scariest part, and I’m going to just say that real and true. No one can know for you. Nobody can know for you. It got to the point where I could either get another babysitting job because I wanted to be safe… 

By the way, I would like to just share a disclaimer—not that this makes it harder or easier for anyone. I grew up on welfare, had absolutely nothing to my name. No trust fund. No savings. No nothing, and I quit and gave it a shot, and it wound up working out because I was willing to work as fucking hard—sorry again! I was willing to work as hard as I could to make it happen. 

And now I’m at a point in my career just in this moment where I’m really gently reflecting on how I can work a little less, which is a blessing because it’s a lot of people. I’m blessed with a huge client load right now, and things are shifting. It’s got to, you know? 

BRIGIT: The interesting things… Actually, this is the thing I want to ask you about. When Tarot readers go full-time, I’m very curious: At what point can you no longer simply do the service of Tarot readings, where you’re getting paid by the hour? Because, obviously, there are so many hours you have in the day and so much money that you can charge… What are you doing to start to make that transition so that you're not feeling overwhelmed, and yet you can still grow your business? 

LINDSAY: Well, you're actually asking me that, right? 

BRIGIT: Yeah. 

LINDSAY: OK, that’s a great question. And I will just tell you that I’m new. Sometime last year, November or December, I started to, really far back in my psyche, understand that I could no longer keep pace with the amount of one-on-ones that I was doing, and it took me so long to work through that. Egoically, that death was pretty powerful for me. I’m still seeing quite a few people, but I was seeing an enormous amount of people before. And again, I’m very blessed that is… It’s fleeting for everyone, so no comparisons, but I’m blessed with, again, some clients right now, a bit too much. 

What birthed out of that… The first thing that started for me, because my rates got so expensive… I had wanted to do a podcast for a long time. I had a very clear idea of how I wanted to do it, and I just did it. That was the first step for me personally about re-centring, was something that was completely free because my rates had gotten so high that I had felt like it was a bit… There was something off-balance about it, so the first thing I did was offer something totally generous: a full giveaway dance that was completely free. 

And then what arose out of that was an online course that I just did quite well, and it was the least expensive thing I’ve ever done, and did so on purpose so that anyone who wanted to take it could take it. 

I’m writing a book, which will be out in March. I’m opening up a healing space, which will be open in May. I’ll do the course again. It’s just starting to be a little bit more… ability to share information with people in a less expensive way and a more portable way and in a way that feels like there’s a genuine range of monetary exchange. 

I’m all for charging what you're worth. That’s wonderful. I also live in New York. It’s different everywhere. I, for me, just felt like I needed a much greater range from $0 to however many thousands for whatever I happened to be doing for someone so that there could be more fairness and more ability to share. 

But oh my God! Getting to the point where I offered my online course was so scary! The same thing is still happening to me. The exact same thing that happened to me with leaving my job happened to me with my online course 100%. 

So, it’s like, “I’m crazy. I could take a however-many-thousand-dollar bath with this. You never know. I didn’t, and it wound up being the right thing, but it would have been the right thing if I had made no money. I would have learned something. 

BRIGIT: Exactly. 

LINDSAY: You know what I mean? But I just think serving more people with a more flexible exchange has been what I’ve seen. She is not a Tarot reader, but I’m going to credit someone who has been an enormous influence on my life professionally and personally, Tara Brach, who is a meditation teacher and a psychologist. 

Tara Brach is an unbelievable… She doesn’t call herself a healer, but she is. Really. She does private practice with people. I think she did at one time, but she has a free podcast. I’ll just give a little shout-out to Tara Brach’s podcast. It’s all about Buddhism and how we can apply it to the day-to-day. It’s secular. I don’t even know if she believes in a god, but she is so gentle and generous. When I had no money, it was very important for me. She does her podcasts. She does retreats. She does day-long classes. She does online courses, and she does private work. 

Because I found her at the age of 22, there’s something in that that stayed in my bones that it’s all about how I can tithe, and I’m lucky enough now to be able to do things that are less money because I’m well taken care of in this moment in terms of clients. Yeah, I just think course, book, all kinds of different things. 

BRIGIT: Yeah, it’s an interesting spot to be in. I mean, a few years ago, I was raising my prices for Tarot readings, and it got to a point where I was like, “Oh, this feels ridiculous! It’s too much!” 

LINDSAY: I know! 

BRIGIT: What would happen is the expectations and the pressure that I felt… 

LINDSAY: Absolutely. 

BRIGIT: And I thought, “This doesn’t feel good,” and then I thought, “OK, well, do I drop my price?” I thought, “No, I don’t because my time right now is so stretched, and I’m raising a family and all these other great projects that are coming through, and I just couldn’t resolve it. I couldn’t drop my price, but I couldn’t leave it at a really high rate either. 

Making that move to more product-based offerings, like courses and so on, I think it’s just such a good way to reach a much larger audience at a more affordable rate. 

LINDSAY: Absolutely. 

BRIGIT: And I think, ultimately… I mean, I know for my purpose—and maybe you share a similar purpose—I’m here to reach as many people as possible. Sometimes when you’re working one to one, even though it’s the most magical, powerful, transformative experience, you're really only working with one person, so it’s so nice to reach out to a much broader audience as well.  

It’s so cool that you're doing a podcast. Do that because I think that’s one of the best ways of doing it. 

LINDSAY: Oh, thank you. Yeah, I love doing that podcast. It’s beautiful. 

BRIGIT: Yeah. 

LINDSAY: Yeah, I’m right there with you on the prices. You know, there are different questions, too. I see weekly folks. I do deep, weekly soul work/intuitive coaching with people and have repeat clients. 

I’m now kind of at the point where it’s an enormous part of my week are those repeats. I’m having new people come in a lot to fold into that work with me, and that’s an interesting direction. I didn’t think my work would go in that direction, but it’s like coaching with Tarot and intuition or whatever. 

But I’ve been thinking, “What does that look like for one-on-ones? How does that look for new clients?” 

And then there’s the question of “Well, people who have been with you for 3 years, are they getting charged that rate?” 

I’m in the middle of that right now. What you were just talking about, I’m in the middle of that. I’m navigating it as best as I can, but I think in 2018… I expect, at the end of 2018, for there to be a very clear resolution in terms of what that looks like for me: how many people I’m seeing, what that looks like, and how I can best be of service and not A) get a little run down, or B) just have absolutely… I’ve not heard anyone else discuss the things that you just did, like the pressure. That’s all very real to me as well. Absolutely. 

BRIGIT: Yeah. 

LINDSAY: Yeah, and because I do the Tarotscopes for The Numinous, sometimes people will book with me because they like my work but not because they have a question, and that’s interesting, too. There’s interesting things going on. I’m surfing all of the waves right now with a lot of gratitude and grace, you know? 

BRIGIT: Yeah, that’s neat. And I’m sure you will find ways to serve more people and to keep allowing yourself to grow and expand, without having to burn yourself out or increase the pressure or feel out of alignment with pricing and so on. 

LINDSAY: Totally. 

BRIGIT: There are totally ways to continue to grow, and to do it in alignment. Oh, it’s exciting! 

LINDSAY: Yeah, and it’s felt really good so far, even the questions. I will not do anything that feels misaligned. I would rather cancel, refund or have a tough conversation than take on too much, but I also recognise “How long can you see people all day, every day, four days a week?” How long can that happen, really, without… 

I’m not even saying the burnout thing. For me, it’s the desire for variety, just wanting a bit more freedom in my day-to-day, rather than sitting, as much of an honour as it is. I’d rather be in the world, I think, working with people in different ways, but you know, we’ll see. It’s all a journey, and I’m pumped to be on it, you know? 

BRIGIT: Yeah. Awesome. Very cool. I have, well, probably two more questions. We’re going a bit longer than we normally do, but I’m just loving this conversation—it’s great. 

LINDSAY: It’s all right. Thank you. 

BRIGIT: I’m curious: Where do you see Tarot going in the future? We’re part of the younger generation, I suppose. I always struggle calling myself “young” at 38. 

LINDSAY: I hear you! We are. 

BRIGIT: But where do you see Tarot going in the future? Is it a fad? A fashion? A trend? Something that stays in its traditional place? What do you see? 

LINDSAY: I see Tarot is really undergoing a deep, I believe, powerful reclamation and an evolution because it’s changing. I was so shocked—which will tell you the power of the human ego—3 or 4 years ago, when I was doing this really deep work with my deck and was understanding the cards in all of these different ways because of that experience, how often my understandings without any connection to books or to other people’s theories because I’m self-taught, they would be the same. That person is linked up… We’re living together at the same time. It’s not an accident. 

I really believe that we are part of a generation who has lived with the Tower over and over and over again. How can we not be bringing a new meditation to it? I know that because so many people… I’ve seen it reflected in so many different places. There’s a new understanding of that card being born, and that’s just one of many, of this understanding that it’s really happening for us, not to us. 

I think there’s a deep reclamation because there’s a massive shift happening energetically with power structures, reclamation of personal power, personal empowerment. It’s the perfect tool for that, and I think people are reaching for it because it feels like it’s something they can hold in their hands and something that can come through them and can be here for them. 

I also think, again, it’s evolving with us as a consciousness, so the fad of it will come and go, but that’s never really been truly what it’s been about anyway. It’s really about this deep connection, that deep personal work. So, I just see it really becoming something new because the largest change that I see happening with it is that, collectively, the shift is moving from a tool for fortune telling to a tool for the present moment, which it really has to be because the state of our planet right now. 

We’re all at a crucial time of choice. Regardless of anyone’s politics or whatever they believe, we’re all at a critical time of choice and understanding that the choices we make from a place of personal empowerment and free will dictate the future. The future is not fixed, and the Tarot, when we’re using it in this way, is a massively important tool to be present with this moment, to make the choices that are going to be the best for our grandchildren and their children. 

And I also think, by the way, that this resurgence of Tarot is larger than any of us, do you know what I mean? I just think it’s the perfect tool to come back into people’s hands at this time in our human history. I really see it expanding and redefining itself many times over. 

BRIGIT: Yep, beautiful. Excellent, and I think you're probably in one of the hearts of it all in Brooklyn. 

LINDSAY: I am! And it’s beautiful. It’s really beautiful to be here. L.A… It’s really starting to be something that people, I think, feel so connected to, and it’s nice to be able, in Brooklyn, to pretty much go anywhere and get a reading from amazing places and people, you know? 

BRIGIT: Yep, fabulous. Excellent. Aw, Lindsay, I’ve enjoyed today’s conversation so very much. 

LINDSAY: Thank you so much for having me. 

BRIGIT: It was my pleasure. Where can people find out more a little bit about you and also your podcast as well? 

LINDSAY: They can find me at, and they can also find me at my Instagram, which is @WildSoulHealing and my podcast is called “Tarot for the Wild Soul,” and it’s a blend of channelled, energetic forecasts for the month ahead, interviews with people who use Tarot on their path in all different kinds of ways, and a reflection or a lesson for me in the middle of the month. Every week is a little different. Yeah, and they can find that anywhere. It’s on iTunes, Stitcher, Apple Podcast and pretty much wherever you would find podcasts. 

BRIGIT: Awesome. 


BRIGIT: Good. Well, we’ll make sure that we post those in the show notes as well. Thank you again, Lindsay. I really appreciate today, and it’s so good to hear about your journey with the Tarot and how your mind is wrapping around Tarot and intuition and all of that good stuff, so thank you for sharing your thoughts today. 

LINDSAY: Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. 


BRIGIT: So, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed that conversation with Lindsay and I. I know I did. I just love hearing of people’s journey with Tarot, how it’s helped them, and then particularly how Lindsay has now gone on to help so many other people. She’s continually doing it, not just by her direct one-to-one work but with the people that she influences through her writing elsewhere and the bigger projects that she’s working on as well. 

To find out more about Lindsay, make sure you go to We’ve got all of the links to her sites, and we also have the transcript for today’s call if you prefer to read it. Although, if you’re listening now, you’ve probably just listened and don’t need to read it. But anyway, you know it’s there. 

All right, well, I hope you have an awesome week. I look forward to connecting again with you very, very soon. Bye for now! 



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