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biddy tarot certification program – becci garrick Testimonial

By September 11, 2020

Intuitives and business — we have a long history of not working well together. 

Like we’re too woo-woo to handle business plans and money matters. 

But I disagree.

In fact, when intuitive entrepreneurs have the right tools, we SHINE in business. 

Take Becci Garrick, owner of BexQuest Tarot, who has spent the last two years growing her online Tarot business by leaps and bounds — all because she found the right tools to work with.

Was it easy? No. 

Becci came up against obstacle after obstacle, one of which was trying to find the right business course to take. She wanted to make a living and align with her soul’s desire. But no business program spoke to her intuitive nature. 

It was her chance discovery of Biddy Tarot that finally flipped a switch. 

Soon enough, she was taking the Biddy Tarot Certification Program and Grow Your Tarot Business Online, two courses that connected her soul’s purpose and business acumen. 

Inspired by the heartfelt approach to business and lessons around trusting her intuition helped her grow her Tarot practice and her business. 

But don’t take it from me. Watch the video to learn more about Becci’s incredible journey from Tarot novice to launching a soul-aligned business. 

It will change your mind about intuitives and business.


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