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Beyond the Book: How to Create a Soulful Connection with the Tarot Through Meditation

By October 23, 2013 July 21st, 2023


When I first started learning Tarot, I surrounded myself with dozens of Tarot books in the hope that I could somehow memorise every single meaning from every single author. I spent hours and hours reading books and committing card meanings to memory. I had keyword charts, notebooks, files and folders, all filled with various notes and copious amounts of information about the Tarot cards.

But I struggled.

I would draw a card and my mind would go blank. “What on earth does it mean?!”

Instead of trusting myself, I would reach out to the closest book and look up the meaning. Then I would commit myself to even more hours of memorising and rote learning to make sure I would finally learn these 78 cards!

I felt bound to the books, unable to tear myself away and simply read the Tarot intuitively and freely. And I would get so frustrated with myself when I couldn't remember the meanings, even after so much study.

Sure, over time I improved. But there was always something missing.

Do you know what the trouble was? I wasn't creating a personal relationship with the Tarot cards. I was stuck on the idea that I had to memorise the Tarot card meanings and that I had to somehow burn these into my memory like math formulas or chemistry equations.

Once I realised what was going on, something began to shift.

I started meditating with the Tarot cards and exploring the deeply symbolic imagery contained within. I prised my fingers away from the books and started to actively engage with the true essence and energy of the Tarot cards.

And that's when the magic happened.

My mind opened up to the infinite possibility contained within the cards and I learned to trust my inner wisdom. I began to see things in the cards that I had never seen before, that were unique to my personal experiences and inner knowing. And from there, my Tarot readings flowed easily and effortlessly.

Create a Soulful Connection with the Tarot Through Meditation

Meditating with the Tarot is an intensely deep and profound way to connect with the cards. The rich, symbolic nature of the cards make them ideal for exploring on a subconscious level. Deep insights come to the surface and you find yourself connecting with your inner wisdom and your soul in a way that you have never before experienced.

When I have led friends and clients through a guided meditation with the Tarot, their experience has been incredible. Some have engaged with loved ones who have passed, others have released deeply-held memories as part of a healing process, and many have had encounters that have been both unexpected yet deeply insightful at the same time.

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How to Meditate with the Tarot

To meditate with the Tarot cards, bring yourself into a deep state of relaxation. Then, bring up the imagery of the card and step inside. Take some time to explore the symbolism, energy and experience of the card. You may even like to interact with the characters in the card or to take a journey with the card in some way. Thank the card and then bring yourself back into your conscious surroundings.

After the meditation, bring your deep insights to conscious awareness by reflecting on your experience and writing it in your journal. Embody your lessons further by creating a ritual or practice that you can conduct regularly. For example, a meditation with the Sun inspired me to write a gratitude list each day for the 3 things that are in abundance in my life.

While Tarot meditation can be self-lead, I find that the most powerful results come from guided meditations lead by another person. It allows for your conscious mind to be completely at rest (rather than thinking, “What part is next?!”) and gives you the space to explore your insights at a soulful level.

Meditating with the Tarot can be used to deepen your understanding of the cards to a level that is very personal and profound. It is also incredibly powerful as a self-healing tool, a method for manifestation or a way to access the Divine.

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Actively Engaging with the Tarot Cards Unlocks its Potential

When you actively engage in the Tarot – through meditation, journaling, and other heart-centred activities – you unlock your potential and open yourself up to a deeply personal and soulful connection with the Tarot. It begins to ‘live' through you and you no longer have to rely on memorising meanings. Your mind opens up to its infinite wisdom and its infinite potential by connecting with the Tarot cards in this way.

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Free Meditation

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23-Minutes of Peace, Clarity, and Beautiful Visualizations with The Fool