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The Best Way to Learn Tarot

By May 4, 2017 February 15th, 2022

best way to learn tarotLearning to read Tarot can be exciting and overwhelming, often at the same time.

Tarot is a tool that anyone can use to make more conscious decisions and take more empowered actions in life. While many new Tarot readers struggle with confidence – you don’t have to be a psychic or talk to fairies, or even memorise all 78 cards and their various meanings to learn and read Tarot for yourself, or for others.

There’s a better way. By tapping into your intuition and getting in touch with your Soul’s voice, you’ll be reading Tarot like a pro in no time.

The Best Way To Learn Tarot

1. Read From The Heart, Not the Book

The book is a helpful tool, but memorising Tarot card meanings will only take you so far. When you focus too much on memorising the meanings of each card, you run the risk of shutting off your intuition. And your intuition is the most powerful guide there is when learning to read and understand Tarot.

Practice reading from your heart, instead of reading from the book. 

2. Learn The Basic Systems Behind the Tarot

The more time you spend with a Tarot deck, the more you will become familiar with its energy and meaning. However, you’ll also find common systems and features that transcend decks, and it’s much easier to learn these systems than to memorise all 78 cards and their guidebook meanings.

The numbers on each card are based on the principles of numerology. They represent a material and spiritual evolutionary process that begins with the number 1 and ends with the number 9.

For example, the number one is about new beginnings, opportunity, potential, and inspiration. The number nine is about fruition, attainment, bringing things to a conclusion, completion, fulfilment, selflessness, magnetism, idealism and giver of wisdom or inspiration. If several 9s show up in a reading, it could mean the situation is nearing completion.

Read more about what each number represents here

Elements & Suits
Understanding the elements (water, fire, earth, and air) that sit behind the Tarot Suits of the Minor Arcana is an easy way to quickly learn how to read your cards.

These elements shape the Minor Arcana and give a specific type of energy to each Suit.

For example, the element of water corresponds to the Suit of Cups. Water if fluid, agile, and “in flow” but also powerful and formative. It can be soft and gentle or powerful and forceful. It is symbolic of fluidity, feelings and emotions, intuition, relationships, healing, and cleansing.

So too the Suit of Cups deals with the emotional level of consciousness and is associated with love, feelings, relationships, and connections.Learn more about how the Elements and Suits work together here.

Basic symbolism: As you can already tell, Tarot is rich in symbolism. The origin of the symbolism varies depending on which deck you use, who created it, and what their personal connection is to each symbol, as well as their intentions around creating symbolism in the deck. You may find symbolism from Kabbalah, Christianity, Judaism, Paganism, Astrology, and so much more. And of course, there is your personal connection to the symbolism you see as well.

It can feel overwhelming to try and learn all of the symbolism, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Download a free PDF to help you translate the symbols.

3. Learn To Interpret The Card

Now that you know the basic systems behind each card, you can apply that knowledge to your readings.

While reading each card, pay attention to the information readily available to you. What does it feel like? What comes to mind? What symbolism do you notice? What elements and numbers are represented?

Look at the picture. What is happening? Why is it happening? What is the moral of the story? Then relate that back to what you are experiencing. What can the story in the card tell you about your life right now? What new lessons can you learn?

And perhaps most importantly, what does the card mean for you and for the specific situation you are reading? Trust your intuition.

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4. Make It Real

Make Tarot a regular part of your life. Experience each card and the symbolism on it. Play with embodying the archetypes you find on the cards.

When we create a personal connection to our cards, we create space for our intuition to play. You can look to your daily life for personal examples of the Tarot cards.

What card best describes your day today? What card represents your best friend?

Not all Tarot cards are immediately relatable. The Court Cards for instance – we don’t have Pages and Knights anymore, but you can play with the archetype represented by those cards. Look for people who are expressing a new part of themselves. Perhaps that person is you?

5. Start Reading Tarot

The best way to learn Tarot is to start. Create space each day to regularly practice reading Tarot. I recommend starting with a card each day.

  • Ask the Tarot daily, “What energy do I need to focus on today?” and proactively manifesting that energy throughout your day.
  • Or ask the Tarot, “What might I experience today?” and match up your experiences at the end of the day to what you know about the card you drew that morning.

It can be very helpful to make a note each day about the card you drew and what you noticed about it. What did your intuition tell you? What symbolism and systems did you notice? What feels like the message? Write it down to reflect on later.

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