Fool Tarot CardWelcome to the best of the BiddyTarot blog. Here, you can easily locate your favourite Tarot posts or the posts that interest you the most.

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Tarot Foundations (Beginners to Intermediate)

Whether you’re new to Tarot or have a number of years’ experience, the following posts focus on establishing your Tarot skills and knowledge.

Getting Started

To get started on your journey to becoming a Tarot reader, you’re going to need a Tarot deck, a Tarot journal and a few top-notch Tarot books. Below are my best posts for helping you to get started:

Tarot Card Meanings

Learning the Tarot card meanings alone isn’t going to make you an expert Tarot reader, but it is a good starting point. The following posts provide overviews for the Major and Minor Arcana, including keyword charts. I also include posts on some of the fundamentals behind the Tarot cards, such as numerology.

Also see my detailed Tarot Card Meanings webpages and The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings.

Learning to Read the Tarot Cards

Once you know something about the Tarot cards and their meanings, you can begin to use the cards for Tarot readings. The following posts provide some tips on how to get started with learning to read the Tarot cards:

Mastering the Tarot (Intermediate to Advanced)

The following posts are geared towards those with a few years’ experience and a good understanding of the Tarot cards.

Reversed Tarot Cards

Reading with reversed Tarot cards can help you to generate even more complex and in-depth Tarot readings, offering multiple perspectives and angles to the traditional card meanings. The following posts are designed to help you to learn how to read with reversed Tarot cards:

Top 10 Tarot Cards Series

The Top 10 Tarot Card series is a fun way to showcase some of the Tarot cards and their relevance to popular topics.

Tarot Spreads

The world of Tarot spreads is endless! There is practically a spread for any type of question, and if there isn’t, you can easily create your own spread. Here are some of my best posts on Tarot spreads:

Reading the Tarot Cards

Once you have mastered the basics, you can begin to look at many facets of Tarot card reading. Here are just a few:

Professional Tarot Reading

The following posts are geared towards helping Tarot readers become professional or who have recently turned their reading skills into a business.