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The Best Free Tarot Apps

By June 16, 2016


Note from Brigit: Today, we welcome one of our very own team members (and Tarot lovers), Kerina Pharr. She’s been doing some digging into some of the best (and worst) free Tarot apps available. Let’s see what she discovered…

Even the most technologically challenged of us love a good app. We’re in an age where almost everyone has a smartphone, and if you do, you know how much a well-designed app is worth.  They really can enhance your life by helping you stay organized, learn new things, find a budget-friendly deal, or stay in touch with your friends and family. So it was only a matter of time before Tarot apps would become a big thing, and, my friends, that time has arrived!

But if you’re anything like me, you think of Tarot as a tactile experience – holding the deck in your hands. fanning it out in front of your crystals and candles, turning over the cards one by one. But as we know, it takes a lot of time and practice to learn the Tarot, so why not utilize all the tools available to you to help you learn it, including technology?

If you’re still skeptical, don’t worry: I get it. But the great thing about apps is that they can be really cost effective—even free. The real challenge isn’t so much in learning how to use one, but avoiding the really bad apps. Some examples are ones that claim to be free, and then pull a bait and switch to get you to pay for an upgrade, or the ones bombard you with blinking ads throughout your reading. It’s really hard to be guided by Spirit when an advertisement is flashing in your face, telling you to download the Candy Crush Jelly Saga or buy lipstick.

The good news is that there are plenty of apps you can pay for upfront, and even some free ones that won’t make you feel ripped off.

So, with that in mind, I’m going to present you with a short list of the best FREE Tarot apps, so you don’t have to waste a minute of your time or a dollar of your money to find out if technology really can help you on your Tarot-learning journey. As Brigit says: let’s get to it!

Tarot Sampler

The Fool’s Dog, LLC – iOS and Android

I had heard good things about the Fool’s Dog apps, but most of the ones they make are $3.99. So I was excited when I found that they made the free Tarot Sampler app, which gives you access to a bunch of decks and custom layouts, with all the functions Fool’s Dog fans have been raving about. The great things about this app are that it provides you with extensive information, not just on the cards, but on the spreads, too, as well as a journal that helps you learn Tarot as you tinker with your phone.  Even though most apps use a single deck, I really like that this Sampler version uses ten different decks, and provides an intro and background on each of them. I had no idea there was even a deck called “The Prairie Tarot” before downloading this! There are several editions of this app, each with it’s own set of decks to explore. It’s a great opportunity to preview a variety of decks, and give you a chance to create an intuitive bond with the cards even before you purchase your own deck. Brilliant!

Tarot & Numerology

Phuture Me Ltd – iOS





Like the title suggests, this app is more than just Tarot, it also delves into numerology, and includes a bonus ‘Forecasting” section, which is neat if you’re into Astrology. This function tells you which signs the sun and moon are currently in, as well as the moon’s phase. When you enter in your birthday, you get a personal numerology analysis including your Personal Day, Month, and Year. The numerology section analyzes your birth name and date, and tells you your life path number and your “Essence.” I don’t know too much about numerology so this was a bit above my head, but I do like that it calculates it for you. Because isn’t that what technology is about — never having to do math in your head again?

The Tarot section further incorporates the numerology themes by giving you the option to do a spread for the week ahead based on your birthday. You have access to many other spreads as well, and no matter which one you choose, the deck is spread out in front of you, and you can point and click on the cards you want. A short interpretation of each card in your spread is provided when you click on it, with bonus links to three Tarot websites, including Biddy Tarot! Now how can you go wrong with that? 😉

Golden Thread Tarot

Tina Gong –  iOS and Android


Meet the crown jewel of the Tarot apps. Golden Thread is a cut above the rest, and definitely shows that you don’t have to resort to ads and other gimmicks to make an amazing digital product. It starts out with a helpful walkthrough that reminds you that the soul of the cards is in your deck, and that this app is just a tool for your Tarot studies, which definitely appealed to my old-school sensibilities. The artistry is unique; charming line drawings that are pared down to a few key colors. I really like how they designed this app to be a fun and mobile companion to the Tarot, not just a watered-down experience of holding the cards in your hands. Golden thread comes with a custom-built Log, which serves as a Tarot journal, a crucial tool in deepening your understanding of the tarot. It prompts you to record how the card makes you feel with keywords and a rating scale – very inventive! There are also “Tarot Lessons” and a crucial Tarot Database to teach you even more about Tarot. The readings section even gives you an option to use a physical deck instead of a digital one, if you want to learn outside of the app. This app is thoughtfully designed, nicely illustrated, and definitely a keeper. As far as free apps go, you can’t do much better.

My options for free apps were limited to those that work on iOS, but I have heard good things about Galaxy Tone, for those Android users looking for more apps to try.

I hope you found this intro to Tarot Apps useful, and that you are maybe a little less reluctant than I was to try one out. Do you have a favorite Tarot app already? Tell us in the comments below!

About Kerina Pharr

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