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What to do if Your Tarot Reading Sucks

By August 1, 2012Tarotpreneurs

blog-20120801-what-to-do-if-your-tarot-reading-sucksYou followed the advice of how to choose a great Tarot reader and you’re excited about the Tarot reading that’s coming your way.

But when you go to open the email or sit down with your Tarot reader, nothing in the Tarot reading makes sense and it falls way short of your expectations. What a waste of $50 or even $100.

What do you do when your Tarot reading sucks?

Do you just give in and find another reader? Do you give up completely and think that every psychic is a scammer? Or do you actually do something to rectify the situation?

As a professional (and ethical) Tarot reader, here is my advice for dealing with a bad Tarot reading, constructively.

Ask For Clarification

Most good Tarot readers will be more than happy to clarify parts of your Tarot reading and answer your questions about the cards drawn. Point out to your reader what parts don’t make sense to you and ask your reader to explain it further.

If the reader’s interpretation seems way off, explain how you see the situation and add any more relevant information that may help the Tarot reader to interpret the cards in a way that’s helpful for you. As the Tarot cards can manifest themselves in so many different ways, just adding an extra piece of information can help the reader to target the message of the card a lot more for your situation.

Share Your Feedback with Your Reader

Be open with your Tarot reader about the reading and provide constructive feedback on how the reading did and didn’t help. This is so much more helpful than not responding at all as it allows the reader to act on your feedback.

Resist the temptation to jump onto Google and post a bad review straight away. Give the Tarot reader an opportunity to respond before posting any reviews, and only use this as a last resort. A negative review online is usually there forever and can be very damaging.

Alternatively, get in touch with the relevant Tarot association to discuss your next steps.

Ask for a Refund

If, after asking for clarification and sharing your feedback, you do not receive the response you were hoping for from your Tarot reader, ask for a refund. Not all Tarot readers will offer a refund, as many believe that you are paying for their time rather than their insight, but there’s no harm in asking. Genuine and ethical readers will be open to considering a refund if you are truly dissatisfied with the quality of the reading.

Keep in mind that it is not about being dissatisfied with what the reading had to say (e.g. you’re not going to get back together with your ex) but the quality of the reading that was provided (e.g. not enough detail or depth of insight).

If the Tarot reading fell way short of your expectations or wasn’t delivered at all, then you may consider taking it up with your local Consumer Affairs Association.


A Tarot reading often talks about the future. But we’re not in the future right now, are we? So, you may receive a message in your Tarot reading that doesn’t make sense now, but it may do later. Rather than assuming the Tarot reading is wrong, just wait a few weeks, and return to the reading to check if the messages are clearer for you.

Lately, I have received a few emails from clients who write to apologise for not listening to the advice of the cards and telling me that their reading was ‘wrong’. One client emailed me nine years after his reading to say that while he was not open to the messages at the time, everything I had predicted eventually came true for him.

So remember that if something sounds way off right now, it might actually be a prediction of what is to come.

Get a Second Opinion

If you have asked for clarification from your Tarot reader but you are still not clear on what the cards are trying to say, you can get a second opinion from another Tarot reader. Some Tarot readers offer a professional Tarot reading interpretation service where you can send in the cards that were drawn and the Tarot spread that was used, and they will provide their opinion of what those cards mean.

However, to save you money, do this only after you have exhausted your options with your original Tarot reader.

Be Accepting of Personal Differences

So, your reader started talking to their angels and writing about a long lost granny, and you thought they were troppo. But the next person to have a reading with that reader thinks their amazing because they just love talking to their angels.

Know that some readers just have a very different style to what you may expect or connect with. It doesn’t mean that they are any better or worse. They are just not the right ‘fit’ for you. That’s why establishing a personal connection first is so important.

If your reading just doesn’t hit home, consider whether this is because your Tarot reader’s style is completely different to yours.


At the end of the day, purchasing a Tarot reading is just like any other business transaction. You should expect a high quality of service from your Tarot reader and you should feel satisfied with the experience. Don’t just watch your money go to waste or feel like you have been scammed in the process. Speak up and do something constructive to resolve the situation. Walk away from your reading feeling empowered and positive about what’s to come.

Have you ever had a Tarot reading that was way off or that just didn’t resonate? What did you do? Leave your comments below!

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  • Aasheesh says:

    It is important to frame your questions clearly before going for a reading.Also in case of direct personal reading one should either record it,or make notes immediately afterwards.This would eliminate a lot of confusion.
    Also one should introspect and judge wether we are not being biased ourselves.Many times we want the cards to say what we wish.We fail to read the writing on wall.
    There are times when the right vibes are missing ,so you come out bit disoriented from the experience.
    So before blaming a tarot readet all the factors need to be accounted for.

  • Aisha says:

    I am a tarot reader and in my experience i have been told many times how off the track i was,that i wasnt making any sense and they never had any plans to travel etc.some even shouted and given out to me.but every one of them either after weeks or a few months came back for second readings ,becos things went according to the reading that i gave them at the time.they even recommended me to others.but they never realised how they stressed me emotionally.I take my work very seriously and i know it comes with responsibilities.Its spiritual guidance and those who seek it should come to it with an open mind and heart.i always tell my clients to give the reading some time before giving bad reviews.I am a professional reader and i know no matter how much they apologise,those comments does a lot of damage.i love my work and try my best to look after my clients.But i cant tell them what they want to hear,i give them what comes out for them in cards as they use it is up to them.i can only show them the path ,whether or not they act on it or not is not in my or the cards power.please keep in mind tarot cards are for guidance just getting a reading doesnt solve you use that information is the only way to get results.Thanks Aisha.

    • Brigit says:

      Yes, isn’t it funny when you have someone saying, “Um no, none of that is going on” and then only a few weeks or months later you get a note to say it all came true!
      But, on a more serious note, I know it can be wearing when at the time you feel like you have let them down with a supposedly off-track reading, even though you know in the long-term, the reading is probably spot on. It takes faith and belief in yourself, the Tarot and the Universe.

  • Linda says:

    I’ve sat on both sides of the “table”…

    I’ve been to readers who were great and some that didn’t resonate. I learned that recommendations that work for one may not work for another. One important lesson that I’ve learned from “both sides of the table” is to let a reading settle – give it time. I try to avoid timeframes in a reading because much depends on if the one asking stays on the same path. Often, a “something” comes along that can change a situation significantly. So, with the give it time, what I mean, is to let the reading penetrate – evaluate it and give it some thought.

    Only if in “the immediate” you feel a reader is way off – I would suggest that you speak up then and ask for clarification. If you are still not satisfied, it is best to be upfront and say so.

    I had a situation at a street fair where the person said “reader’s always say that” and it never happens. This person had a very negative attitude and I started thinking – “just give back the money and let it go” even though I sensed the reading was on target. Then I recalled the words ” readers always say that” and I realized that perhaps her attitude was what was stopping or slowing down the manifestation. I told her, kindly, that perhaps, it would happen, if she would open to it in a positive way.

    Would I ask for a refund for a reading? No… the reader did the work. I may ask for clarification and open a dialogue. As I mentioned, time is often a key to a reading and if my question doesn’t happen or work out as thought, I have to keep in mind, the path I walked on. Meaning did I change – did I work towards it – or did I let it slide. In other words, how important was it really.

    While it is true, that there are readers and readings that will not resonate and my advice to those who take it to heart on the immediate – make sure you can afford a reading and be flexible. If not, take time to find a reader by asking for a mini reading as well as start a learning process of tarot on your own. It is often helpful to have a working knowledge of tarot to be able to fully comprehend a reading and to ask questions that you might see in a different light than what the reader sees.

    I find the most important aspect is dialogue. I admit that I can sit and listen without interrupting but I have found it (again, from both sides of the table) to be able to discuss points as they are revealed.

  • Aisha says:

    I agree with Linda.The way i read i do my tarot cards first.go throught the spread and if any questions i answer them.when my client feel satisfied i do a three card angel reading and the amazing thing is it always confirms the tarot.When i sit with my client i tell them if at any stage they feel i m not connecting to them ,they can feel free to let me know.i never had a problem returning the money but it has never come to that yet 🙂 a lot of times people are so focused on one question that they dont really take in any thing else that comes out.But once they go away with the information given to them and given a bit of thought it becomes very clear.

  • Anith says:

    I usually describe the reading experience I give (especially for someone less familiar with tarot), as asking for characters and situations in a waking dream, which we will then look at for teaching and interpretation. And like a dream, their personal reaction to any card may be more important than any thing I know about it (ie. a dream symbol dictionary may not know that you are a large animal vet, so seeing a horse in a dream, or a card, could mean something different to you…). It prepares them to see it as personal to them, regardless of the content– you would never complain that you got the wrong dream, no matter how nonsensical or disturbing it might have been.

    I also had a great reading some years ago, and I borrow shamelessly from the preamble she gave me. She told me that she would share what her Guides instructed her to, because that was what she was being told I needed to hear. So I also say something similar about the cards: that this is what the cards feel they need to tell you, and I have always found they tell the truth.

    I did see a “reader” once at a psychic fair look up and call a hello and exchange greetings with someone passing in front of the booth– during the middle of a reading! If I had been their client, I might have wanted my money back…

  • Sandeep says:

    A tarot reader is also a life coach to an extent and the reading itself provides the positive way of moving forward, if the seeker interprets it in the way the reading needs to be interpreted. Besides that, when people are expecting quick solutions and magic and they are not really clear about what they expect, things go haywire. I am a amateur reader but I seek advice on my issues with someone else and I am usually clear on what my questions are.

  • Sunshine says:

    I once had a reading at a time that I was having a really really difficult time in my life. I thought wow this is not anything that can really be true it seemed so far out there. I didn’t say anything to the reader just out of a sense of respect for her as a person. I took the reading and put it in my safety deposit box and read it after a year. It was exactly true!! There are alot of things that are hidden but in the works behind the scenes. My best advice would be to wait and see.

  • winny says:

    hi i just want to ask why would an ex keep coming up in tarot card readings i have? i was getting the tower for a while and a terrible event happened but now hes always there in readings can you tell me why this would happen? thanks in advance

  • Marcus says:

    I have had so many readings lately because I want my ex to come back, she is with someone new , they have mostly all said she will come back one for the start said yes with my first question , most ask my star sign 4/7/58 , yesterday one said there sprit guide has told them she will be back with in a month, and we will go away foe the weekend and on the second weekend we will connect and have. A wonderful time and go on hoilday next year together , I hope it all comes true has this woman is my life I love her without bounds , she also said to have faith as it will happen 100% , god bless her and her guide , I wish this to happen so much, and I’d it doesn’t I don’t know what to do, I belive it going to happen against all odds , wish me luck

    • Brigit says:

      Hi Marcus,
      I know you really want this to work out. It’s probably a good time, now, to just let it be and wait. You’ve probably already spent so much money on lots and lots of readings. Now you can trust your own guides and give this situation some time.

  • I am really thinking. I’ve been doing online tarrots and the significant cards that I’ve seen the two times I’ve done this is Death and Strength. A lot of it talks about me having inner strength. A lot of it also talks about me having to face something that will change my life. That I will lose something dear to me. I’ve also been seeing that challenges in love for me will arise. These are the main things I’ve been seeing. I just wanted to share this so I could probably recieve som insite on ho I should take this. Love is something really important that I want to find but have never in my life been quite ready to take on the obstacles of it. I am truly confused.

    • Brigit says:

      It sounds like you are already on the right track by delving into what Strength and Death mean for you personally. You might like to continue looking at your life through the lens of both of these cards, thinking about how you can enable subtle control and inner strength as you go through major life changes.

  • Anna says:

    I received a tarot reading which really didn’t resonate with my gut feeling but how do you know what is true? I didn’t like the outcome of the reading but in calm moments I feel that the interpretation might have been off because my intuition tells me something else. What should I believe? Am I fooling myself and accept the outcome of the cards or listen to my feelings?

  • Marianne says:

    Hello Brigit,

    Even though you have posted this article a long time ago, it’s a relevant and current concern that impresses me. I’ve met some readers at Aecletic Tarot Forum who provided readings at no charge either because they’re students or they’re still in Tarot training. Though they don’t get paid, some members’ readings are spot-on that it bewilders even me. I hope this article will get the word out there to paid readers who don’t follow their code of ethics.


  • Melissa says:

    I just had a couple off readings by different people in the past week…
    I know this maybe have not been my best idea ever but I just needed some good news. I want my ex boyfriend to come back whom I don’t have contact with at the moment. A couple off months back I had my cards read by a tarot reader who gave me very good news! The tarot reader told me that he will come back and that we will get back together. 2 months later nothing happened and I wanted to get another reading. So now this happened…I had a couple off readings by different people. But half off the readings said he won’t come back and the other half said he will….what should I think?? Which one is true?

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