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Monthly Tarot Forecast for April 2018

By March 29, 2018

monthly tarot forecast april 2018

In April 2018, you might find yourself wrestling with an emotionally manipulative person, but this will pass through, leaving you in a bit of a “Debbie Downer” space. If you find yourself feeling “Meh” about the opportunities presenting themselves to you this month, you might want to ask yourself, “Why am I turning this down?” You’re being called to pay attention to why you might be feeling emotionally disengaged from opportunities coming your way. You might be feeling conflicted about a particular issue. Battle it out within yourself to figure out what your true opinions and values are. 

Watch the Tarot card forecast to learn more about what's coming up in April 2018 and how to make the most of the month ahead. 

Tarot deck used in this video: Lumina Tarot


 Hi, I’m Brigit, Founder of Biddy Tarot, and this is the Monthly Tarot Forecast for April 2018. As always, we’ll go through: 

  • What is passing through your life right now? What energy can you let go of? 
  • What energy is emerging in your life? Where are those new opportunities? 
  • What action can you take to make the most of what’s going on for this month? 

Let’s dig in! 


Passing through your life right now, we have here the King of Cups, reversed, and this is from the Lumina Tarot deck. With the King of Cups, reversed, he can be quite emotionally manipulative. He knows how to use his power and his emotions to affect change that, basically, suits himself. 

This can also represent someone that is a little bit moody and uses emotions to hold power over people. I don’t know if you can think of anyone right now in your life who kind of uses “I’m getting really grumpy right now, and that’s your fault,” or “I’m really angry because you did this,” but you might find you’ve got a bit of this energy happening in your life, perhaps with somebody else… Maybe even a bit of yourself if you’re really honest. 

But thankfully, this is what is passing right now. If you’ve got someone in your life right now that you find a little bit emotionally manipulative, this is the sign to let that person go and let them move on and resolve their own inner conflicts, in their own time and space. You don’t have to put up with their emotional B.S. Let that stuff go! 


Well, we have the Four of Cups here. Now, I wish this was a super positive message, but I feel that this is a little bit more about a truth talk. With the Four of Cups, we can sometimes take things for granted. 

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We’ve got all of these opportunities that are being presented to us, but we’re feeling a little bit “Meh, I don’t really think that’s for me,” or “Whatever,” or not really allowing ourselves to engage emotionally in those opportunities. You might be in a bit of that “Debbie Downer” space, where you think, “It’s just not for me—I just don’t like it,” but without having any real reason for that. 

I really want you to check in this month. If you start feeling that “Meh” every time you are given an opportunity, really check in and say, “OK, what am I actually feeling here? And why am I turning this opportunity down when maybe there is actually something here for me?” 

You’ve got to question what it is that’s truly going to make you happy and how you can create more happiness and emotional stability in your life right now. You’re really being called to pay attention to this, particularly in this month of April. 


What action can you take this month? Well, we have the Five of Wands, reversed. When you look at it upright, it’s two stags with their antlers locked in together. This is often a sign of conflict. Now, in the reversed position, it’s a sign of inner conflict. 

You might be finding that, even though you’re getting some opportunities, and you’re feeling a bit “Blegh,” with the Five of Wands, reversed, you need to actually go through a bit of this inner conflict to say, “Why am I feeling this way? What’s really going on underneath the surface?” You might actually be feeling conflicted about a particular issue, and you might not be clear yet about what your true opinion or values are. With this card, you're being asked to have that inner conflict and battle it out with yourself. Figure out “Why am I feeling this way when I’m getting a new opportunity, and I’m just not excited about it? What’s really going on here?” 

If you’ve got an inner critic, an inner “mean girl” or some aspect of yourself that is that “Debbie Downer,” have a bit of an argument with that inner person. 

“What’s going on? All right, Debbie Downer, what is going on here?” 


Be ready to battle it out on an internal level, and that will help to tease out what’s really going on. Find the true source of happiness. Find the colour back into your life, and bring that back in because that’s where you’ll find your joy, your happiness and your bliss. Battle it out, and you’ll get to that place eventually. 

I hope you have a really wonderful month ahead, and I look forward to sharing the Monthly Tarot Forecast with you again very, very soon. Bye for now! 


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