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5 Things You Should Know About my Mum the Tarot Reader

By January 9, 2013 May 4th, 2018

This guest post has been submitted by my 3 year old daughter, Chloe. She begged and begged me to get a post on my blog to let the world know all about her mum.


Hello. I’m here!

I’ve been watching my mum being a professional Tarot reader and blogger ever since I was born. Here’s 5 things that I noticed about my mum:

1. My Mum Works Hard… For Us and Her Business

I know my mum loves me, my sister and my dad very much because she works very hard to spend time with us and do her work. Most mornings, after she gives us breakfast and gets us dressed, she goes into her office (which is really my bedroom) and does her work. I want to go to work too, but mum tells me I should play instead. Mum plays with us at lunchtime and after our afternoon sleep so we don’t miss her very much. Daddy looks after me anyway, and that’s fun. When Zara and I go to sleep, I’m pretty sure she does more work. It’s pretty cool that she can hang out with us most of the time and fits in her work around us. And it’s WAYYY better than when mum used to have to go to the city to work and we wouldn’t see her all day.

My mum also works really hard to make her Tarot business super successful so we can do cool things like live in Spain for six months of the year. We went in 2012 and we’re going again in 2013. I can’t wait.

2. My Mum is Pretty Normal

Lots of people think that Tarot readers are a bit weird. Like, they talk to angels, they have a crystal ball, they can make things move without touching them, and they wear lots of crushed velvet and have boofy hair. Not my mum.

My mum is pretty normal. She wears tracksuit pants at home and has straight hair (unless it’s early in the morning and she hasn’t used her GHD straightener yet). She worked in an office for 15 years and was a management consultant and HR manager for some really big companies. She doesn’t talk to herself. And she doesn’t smell like pat-choo-lee. Her favourite perfume is Chloe – of course.

3. My Mum is Always Working on Lots of Ideas

My mum does lots of things for her Tarot business. One day I saw her getting all dressed up and putting on her make-up so I asked her what she was doing. She said she was doing a webinar, where people from the other side of the world would watch her teaching a class on Tarot. The next day, I saw her taking lots of photos with daddy so she could add them to her website and tell everyone about her Tarot parites in Melbourne. And at night time, she’s always listening to classes about how to help her customers even more. I think she’s learning about online teaching now because she loves helping people.

She also has lots of little bits of paper next to her bed and in her handbag. She scribbles down lots of ideas on those bits of paper. I don’t know what she does with them all, but it seems like she is always having an idea.

Her latest idea is to help people build their Tarot business. My mum talks to people through her computer (I think it’s called Skype) and gives them advice on how they can be super successful Tarot professionals just like her. She calls it Tarot business coaching. Then they can go and live in cool countries like Spain like we do.

4. My Mum’s Tarot Cards are Really Pretty

I love playing with my mum’s Tarot cards and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards. People say that Tarot cards are scary and ‘voodoo’, but I think the pictures are really pretty. My mum lets me draw a Tarot card when I want to, and then we talk about the pretty pictures together. She tells me lots of stories about each card and I learn more and more about who I am and why I’m here.

5. My Mum Likes Watching Babies Being Born. Me Too

brigit-chloe-zaraMy mum and I like watching babies being born. Our favourite show is “One Born Every Minute” (UK) and we always watch it together so mum can tell me what is happening.

I used to think that having a baby meant you had to be really upset and shout a lot. But my mum told me that you can have a baby just by doing lots of breathing and relaxing. That’s how my mum had me and Zara. Daddy said she was really, really calm and was totally amazing. I put in a picture of us all together when Zara was born. We were really, really happy.

My mum loves birth so much that she teaches other parents how to have a super positive and fearless birth. I think that’s really cool – she does too. She always comes home from those classes with a big smile on her face.

I could probably tell you lots more about my mum but I have to go and have my afternoon nap now. Maybe mum will publish my post while I’m sleeping and then everyone will know all about my mum.

About Me, Chloe

chloe-bloggingI’m Chloe and I’m 3. I like my mum, my dad and my sister. I live in Australia, but sometimes I go to Spain. I like Spain because I get to eat jamon and wear pretty dresses on Sundays. One day, I want to read the Tarot cards like my mum and do work like she does.



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