2020: The Year of Aligned Action

In 2020—the year of the Emperor—you are being called to build a solid foundation to support your future growth. Self-discipline and the right structures will lead to your success. This is the year for you to take aligned action to move forward with your goals and ambitions.

It's all possible with the 2020 Biddy Tarot Planner and the powerful bonus resources found within the Planner ToolKit below.

What's In The Toolkit

Here’s an overview of the exclusive resources available to you in the 2020 Planner ToolKit:

  • Videos from Brigit, including a welcome video that sets you up for success, followed by valuable videos that review the 2020 Card Of The Year, a powerful New Year’s Ritual, Seasonal Spreads, Lunar Spreads and more!
  • 2 powerful meditations, one for the new moon and one for the full moon, to assist you in harnessing the lunar universal energy on a regular basis.
  • Downloadable PDF’s that have been designed to help you thrive throughout the year, regardless of what the cosmos and life throws your way.

Your 2020 Planner Toolkit Videos

Video 1:

Welcome To The Planner ToolKit

This ToolKit is a powerful bonus that will help you get the absolute most out of your 2020 Biddy Tarot Planner. Make sure you review all of the resources in this section, then set aside time to complete the spreads and activities throughout the year.

Creating time for your practice will help you step into aligned action in all areas of your life and there’s no better tool out there to help you do this than the brand new 2020 Planner and this ToolKit.


Video 2:

The 2020 Tarot Card Of The Year

In this video, you’ll learn about the card of the year – the Emperor. You’ll discover a deeper awareness about what this card means and how you can harness this powerful energy and message for the year ahead.

As you move throughout 2020, set the intention to tune into the energy of the Emperor card and check-in to realign with the lessons of the year.

Video 3:

New Year’s Ritual

This is a beautiful way to bring about closure to the previous year, while unlocking all of the possibilities that are available to you in the New Year.

The New Year’s Ritual is also a powerful ritual to use throughout the year as you move through any big moments or pivotal transitions such as your birthday, a move, career changes, etc.


Video 4:

Seasonal Spreads

There are 4 Seasonal Spreads in the Biddy Tarot Planner.  Enjoy exploring the beautiful 6 card spread for the Spring Equinox that helps you tap into the potential and new energy of opportunity that is available.  The Summer Solstice 6 card spread reflects on the current projects you’re bringing to fruition and what’s expanding into your life right now.  The Fall Equinox 6 card spread helps you reflect on your achievements and tap into the energy of gratitude for everything you’ve sown throughout the year. The Winter Solstice 6 card spread helps you tap into the essence of your shadow self and focus on the new seeds you’re planting for the year ahead.

NOTE: *If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, the timing of the seasons are different than those that live in the Southern Hemisphere. The Planner specifies dates for each season in the two hemispheres.

Video 5:

Lunar Spreads

The Lunar Spreads are new to the 2020 Planner and we are very excited to share these powerful insights with you!

They are the perfect addition to help you tune into the powerful Lunar energy of each month and stay focused on growth and ease throughout the year.

We’ve also included New and Full Moon Rituals for you to dive into! Follow the rituals and listen to the guided visualizations below to harness the power of each lunar cycle throughout 2020.

Video 6:

Your Continued Success

In this video, you’ll learn tips to ensure you get the most of your Biddy Tarot Planner!

Making time to use the Planner is your opportunity to reconnect with yourself and your inner wisdom. You can think about the Biddy Tarot Planner as a series of check-points that are reminding you to check-in with yourself internally, but also to connect with the external cycles around you.

Most important, remember to enjoy yourself and this process. Have fun!

Share Your Planner Photos With The Biddy Tarot Community!

We love seeing photos of our amazing Biddy Tarot family using the Planner. Take a photo of your favorite spread, your favorite deck or your favorite place to tune-in and read your cards!

Use the hashtags #BiddyTarot Planner and #BiddyTarot so Team Biddy can see your photos. We can’t wait!

Your 2020 Planner Toolkit MP3's

There are two audio visualizations that are included in the Planner ToolKit – The New Moon Guided Visualization and the Full Moon Guided Visualization.

Download these audios onto your computer or phone, and use them on their own or in combination with the New and Full Moon Rituals.

For maximum results, listen to these visualization the day of a new or full moon and approximately 2 days before or after.

New Moon

Full Moon

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Your 2020 Planner Toolkit Bonus PDF's

Get ready to take your Tarot readings to the next level with with these bonus Tarot spreads and resources!

Simply click and download the bonuses below, then dive in and use as you wish.

Learn how to avoid the storm that often appears in Mercury Retrograde, and instead step into a space of thriving success with this new bonus.

Enjoy these spreads that have been designed to help you tune into your personal truth, amp up your self-love and guide you to your purpose with spiritual ease!

This is the perfect resource to help you cultivate a daily Tarot practice that is aligned and powerful.

Use this special bonus resource when you need it.

Use the rituals in this guide-book along with the guided meditations listed in the section above to help harness the power of each lunar cycle throughout 2020.