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Tarot Circle: Using Tarot, Numerology and Clairvoyance to Uncover Deep Insights

by Brigit on July 30, 2014 in Tarot Circle


This week, we’re in for a special treat. I’ve invited Biddy Tarot Endorsed Reader, Joanna, to share her reading with us for the Tarot Circle. What I love about Joanna’s reading style is that she incorporates not just Tarot but numerology, astrology and clairvoyance into her readings. In the following reading, you’ll get to experience this combination firsthand. I also encourage you, like any other Tarot Circle post, to share your ideas and interpretations about the reading in the Comments section below.

Over to you, Joanna…

The great thing about combining multiple metaphysical modalities like Tarot, Numerology and Astrology and overlaying them with my intuition within the readings that I did for my clients, was that it often uncovered more insights than what the client had originally expected. A simple question from a client recently about whether or not she should purchase a new home she had dreamt about and searched for in a properties – for-sale portal over the internet, turned into a reading that uncovered her soul purpose. Here is an account of my reading for Katherine. Name and location details have been changed to protect the privacy of my client.

Katherine and Her Dream Home

For months, Katherine had dreamt of an old dilapidated manor located in a little village in Wales. Out of curiosity, she searched a properties-for-sale portal, zoned in on Wales and begun browsing through hundreds of photographs of old manors. She finally came to one which looked very similar to the one she had dreamt about. Now,   Katherine did not live in Wales or anywhere near Wales.  She lived in Belgum.  She had never been to Wales.  However, the more she looked at that picture, the more she grew attached to it, and she toyed with plans to visit that village in Wales that summer so that she could arrange with the property agent to view that manor too. Before she purchased her air ticket , she contacted me for a reading to ask if she would be making a right decision to purchase that manor if it was within her budget. As an aside, Katherine revealed to me when she contacted me, that she was a fellow intuitive who was in the throes of discovering her own intuitive capabilities but when it came to the purchase of this new home, she felt she could not tap into her inner self to guide her.

For the purpose of the reading, I did some channeling, calculated her numerology, created a Tarot spread and did some research on my own to verify my readings.  The pieces of puzzle came together when she confirmed that my visions were detailing that of her past life, but had brought out its significance and impact on her present life and indeed the future.   So let me explain the process I took.

I did some meditation and visualization work to open all my chakras.  I imagined I was also doing the same with hers, so that I could “assume” her energy.  My crown and third eye chakra was buzzing which tells me hers were truly opened.  However my throat chakra was burning, it felt hot and as if it was stuck with a lump.  So I knew she had a blocked throat chakra which inhibited her ability to express & communicate purpose perhaps.

Then as I channeled, I had visions that came into my mind’s eye so I proceeded to write and draw on a piece of paper.  Here was a rough sketch of what I scribbled.  These words described what I saw in my mind’s eye:

1) Big house; 2) Long dinner table with children enjoying a meal, like a school dinner; 3)  Woman outside grounds of property under big tree; 4) Long pathway or driveway leading to big house; 5) Dog…pet dog, maybe sheep dog? Brown and black; 6) Child playing in tunnel. 7) Child or girl child  playing in cave? Caves near house? 8) Someone  sleeping/waking from slumber 9) Woman writing at desk in study in the big house.

Then I calculated her Numerology to understand the influence of these numbers to how she was responding to her dream of purchasing this new home.

Numerology Highlights

Katherine’s life path is a 7. The life path number gave me a glimpse of the opportunities and lessons that life would bring to Katherine. Hers indicated that she was an intellectual person, a thinker and an analyzer, always in pursuit of knowledge. Life would offer her opportunities to specialize in, learn and understand complex concepts for example, scientific, philosophical, sociological and even spiritual concepts. She needed a lot of space to be alone to think and be introspective. Quiet solitude would give her time and space to investigate things, gain knowledge, grow wisdom, and meditate. She could be spiritual too and had good understanding of complex esoteric concepts. She would be able to veer towards the ability to be intuitive by tuning in to your higher self. Healers and therapists often have this lifepath number.

When I calculated her name numerology, it got more complex because she had 3 last names. One was the last name of her father’s which appeared in her birth documentation. Another was that of her mother’s which she had replaced with her father’s when her parents got divorced. The third one was that of her husband’s whose last name she had adopted and now appeared in her current identity documentation. The changes in her last name did have impact on her destiny number. The destiny number would provide a glimpse of what talents, skills and experience Katherine might bring to the community and how she could contribute to it. It provided an indication of her purpose. So this was where it got interesting because I realized all her destiny numbers were inter-related to help her work towards her single purpose.

5 was her destiny number with her father’s last name. It indicated to me that she had to bring a lot of resilience and flexibility to a lot of changes and challenges in her life then. She built that resilience to manage growing up in the environment of an unhappy home tainted by divorce. Consequently, by learning from these experiences, she was able to share her skills of resilience and flexibility with others, making her a good advisor and supporter to her friends. As she grew older and she got her last name changed to that of her mother’s, 2 was her destiny number. This brought her closer to her purpose because it was a destiny number of one who was meant to create an environment of peace and harmony amongst people, helping them solve problems, finding solutions to give them peace of mind. Again, this honed her ability to be a great advisor and supporter to friends. When she got married and assumed her husband’s last name, she became a destiny 9 and this hit home with her purpose which lines up beautifully with her lifepath 7. Destiny 9 people are destined to leverage their compassion and generosity to help and support people through their times of need. If you are not already in the business of healing others and managing their issues with a compassionate heart, this was her soul purpose. Healing others, and rendering that compassionate help and support to them, would be what she would be great at, and it would be serving her soul purpose.

At the time this reading was done, Katherine was not doing any work associated with healing or therapy. She was working as an assistant at her husband’s company and she did reveal that she had been unhappy at the job but had decided to stick it out as she felt her husband needed her.

The next thing I did was to design a Tarot spread for her to understand these images in my vision and the numerological influence in her life. I was guided intuitively to uncover some aspects of her life past with the spread that I had created too.

The Tarot Spread

What were Katherine’s gifts in the past life that she brought to the present – 7 Pentacles  Reversed  + The Emperor

The reversed 7 of Pentacles sitting alongside The Emperor formed an image of a father figure in Katherine’s past life. He was a very protective and nurturing but authoritative figure. He wanted Katherine to be well taken care of during a difficult time when the family was living in poverty, so he made a hurried decision to marry Katherine off to a well-to-do landed family. Katherine was not happy about the marriage but went along with it because her father thought it was best for her.

Katherine confirmed this because as a clairvoyant herself,  she saw visions of a past life father who gave her away in marriage to a man who turned out to be terrible husband.

What were her issues/challenges in past life, that she brought to the present life – the Star Reversed + King of cups Reversed

The King of Cups reversed as a past life issue suggested that her “husband” from the past life had impacted her with his manipulative attitude and subjected Katherine to depression, mood swings and confusion about where she stood in the marriage. She felt so much disharmony within herself and in that marriage that she lost all hopes on living the life that her father had intended for her. However, she tolerated her husband then, and though unhappy, went along her day to day, living out a life of extreme unhappiness.

So how this past life issue affected her  present was that her soul today evolved into one which was tolerant, compassionate, supportive, even under difficult circumstances. No matter the situation, for example, when she did not enjoy working for her husband now, she just did it out of love and support for him.  This explained my burning throat chakra where I felt her inability to express herself.

Katherine confirmed that she disliked working for her husband but felt that she was doing so out of love and support for him. She had never once shared her intuitive abilities with him and had not even shared her dreams about the manor.

How do your past life influences affect you in present life ?- Queen of Wands Reversed +  5 of Wands Reversed

The external conflicts and tensions with her husband in the past life had impacted her today because  she was currently affected by her internal conflicts.  The Queen of Wands reversed was representative of a capable, dynamic, passionate, creative person who had no confidence to follow through with creative passion and visions due to her fear of no one believing in her or fear that it will not succeed.

Her past life potential had been “thwarted” by conflicts and tension and her soul was trying not to allow any negativity, doubt or worry thwart her creative passion in this life.

What is the significance of the manor in Wales? – 3 of Cups + Page of Wands Reversed

The 3 of Cups advised Katherine to develop her psychic gift in a group or community of like-minded people, perhaps within a spiritual community.   She should  be opened to her intuitive gifts through the help and support of fellow intuitive friends and explore a spiritual path in the company of others.  Maybe in the future, the manor could be used as a venue for spiritual retreats or a teaching venue for artistic endeavors like painting, art, music and writing.  That was probably why I saw in my visions, a woman writing in a room within that manor, writing.  I also saw children playing. Katherine later revealed that she was hoping to join a spiritual community to help further hone her intuitive skills.  She also revealed that she had a message from her visions to turn the manor into a place of healing for children, perhaps an orphanage or a school for disadvantaged children.   

The manor was likened to the Page of Wands reversed.  Many people over the years had tried to restore the manor to its former glory, some wanted to turn it into a B&B, hotel or apartments but these projects never took off due to structural problems, financial issues and other blockages.  So the manor was left in a state of dilapidation and waste till today.  I believed that  this Page wanted me to tell Katherine that if she turned the manor around for worthy use, by using it as a teaching venue/ spiritual retreat venue, a place of healing and learning for children or whatever that was meant for the place  to be used as an inspiration to help and nuture people, it would be a successful endeavor.

Another thing about the Page of Wands Reversed was that it personified someone young who was immature and had self-image issues.  Perhaps, Katherine’s messages were indeed guiding her in the direction of turning the manor into a home for troubled children. Katherine too thought that was an interesting idea.

What does she need to do with that dream ?- 2 of Wands + High Priestess

The 2 of Wands  encouraged Katherine to take her creative ideas and turn it into a feasible plan that she knows would lead to her success. It wanted her to step outside of her comfort zone and explore new worlds and new experiences. This card was also about her considering overseas travel to learn  gain new knowledge and plan for her longer term goals. Together with the High Priestess, I believed that her longer term goals was to make a career shift as a psychic healer, spiritual advisor or counselor. The High Priestess suggested that she was about to attain a new level of enlightenment. Katherine had realised the depth of her intuition and have begun to embark on some esoteric studies. Katherine later agreed that she was indeed considering pursuing her psychic ability to put it to better use, and to serve a purpose with it.

If one revisited my visualization and automatic writings detailed at the beginning of this post,  I believed that Katherine had something to do with that child in the tunnel or she was that child in the tunnel in her past life.  As she told me that she had scheduled a trip to visit the manor in Wales after locating it in the internet, I told her to find a tunnel/cave nearby that led to the house.  It had some significance for her.   Katherine later confirmed that there was indeed a tunnel found near the manor that was meant to be used as an escape route for the family during war time.

My visions had taken me to a long pathway to the manor where I saw a lady stood alongside her dog which had brown and black patches on his coat.  Katherine also confirmed that the lady of the house was named in the historical archives for this manor as Lady Margaret who had inhabited the manor in the 18th century. This lady however was not Katherine but had a message for Katherine which was related to a karmic debt which Katherine had to “pay” in this lifetime.  In my research through the historical records, I discovered that Lady Margaret’s family had helped a neighbour with financial issues in that lifetime.  That neighbour was a famous author.  Katherine later told me that in her dream, she had a vision of herself living in the manor and writing lots of books that could serve to “heal” others. I too saw that in my visions. Perhaps that was the affirmation of that karmic debt.

The child in the tunnel within my visions could be Katherine. I saw this child emerging from a dark passageway into the light.  I believed that it was telling me that Katherine was a “spiritual child” about to  grow up or was waking up from a very long “spiritual sleep

With this reading, I had combined my clairvoyant skills with Tarot and Numerology to uncover deeper insights beyond Katherine’s original question when she first approached me to do her reading. This reading helped support Katherine as she embarked on her spiritual journey and empowered her enough to open her heart and mind to other opportunities outside of what she was currently doing in terms of career. Understanding that her inability to express herself confidently could be limiting, she also resolved to have a good heart to heart talk with her husband.  Katherine did indeed visit that manor in that little village in Wales after the reading. She reported that she felt an even stronger connection with the property and is in the process of putting down a bid for it.

About Joanna

Joanna is a marketeer by trade, and a tarot card reader by accident. She was awarded a Certified Professional Tarot Reader qualification from the Tarot Certification Board of America (TCBA) and is also a certified numerologist. She is currently running a Tarot consultancy based in Singapore called Sun Goddess Tarot, which provides confidential intuitive readings combining the metaphysical disciplines of Tarot, Numerology and Astrology via face to face and emails as well as readings at corporate and private events and workshops.  A member of the American Tarot Association (ATA) and the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI), she is also a reader for the Free Tarot Network and mentors Tarot protégés on behalf of the American Tarot Association.

She is an Endorsed Biddy Tarot Reader and is available for Tarot readings here.

What’s Your Read?

Over to you! How would you interpret these cards and the reading overall?

Post your response in the comments below. Use this as an opportunity to hone your Tarot reading skills or to get your opinion out there!

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Marianne July 30, 2014 at 2:31 pm

Hi Joanna,

How did you interpret the Emperor and the Seven of Pentacles reversed? What influenced you to think that Katherine was once living in povery? How can poverty be a keyword associated with the Seven of Pentacles? Is it because with the Seven Pentalces reversed, seven is her life path number? What gifts are implied in this combination in relation to Katherine’s visions?

It’s amazing how connected the Katherine’s past life and present life are connected! In the past, she was with a husband who does not appreciate her talents and instead, gave her hopelesness and loss. In the present time, Katherine’s not sharing an intimate personal relationship with her husband.

Great job on reading the Three of Cups and the Page of Wands Reversed. I had a difficult time and was stumped interpreting how a Court Card can be associated with the manor. Now I knew you read it as a situation taking in the characteristics of the Page of Wands reversed and applying it to the manor.

The child in the cave, as well as Lady Margaret and the shepherd dog portions of this blog post gave me the creeps. How accurate can a clairvoant get? I can handled intuitive tarot readings because every person has their own subjective or neutral base emotions; however, this is an esoteric study that has a lot going on a deeper scale.

Also note the last combinations: Two of Wands and High Priestess. Both cards are numbered two which points to the duality, partership, and mutuality that Katherine and her husband need to get on if they want a harmonious time with each other.

It’s amazing how you combine intuition, insight, numerology, clairvoyance, and Tarot altogether. Though I’m not used to reading blog posts that ecourage clairvoyant skills, I am impressed by your example.

Thank you,



Joanna Ash July 30, 2014 at 5:18 pm

Hello Marianne

Thanks for your comment. I love your take on 2 of wands + High Priestess …absolutely!

Re the Emperor and 7 of Pentacles reversed. Perhaps to explain the process a little…When I go into the numerology assessment, that helps me frame who Katherine is and how and why she responds the way she does to situations. Then as I pick cards, the cards “kick in” images in my head to help with the interpretation. The image I got was vivid in details right through to the period it was set in. The dress/clothing in which I saw the image of a man in was itself telling of the poverty. I am not sure if you understand what this means….it’s almost like a video playing in my!

Now let’s move a little to the numerological aspect of this ..the Emperor is a 4 + 7 in the 7 of pentacles total up to the number 11 which is a master teacher’s number. I felt that given this, it gave more meaning to the challenges and difficulties she had faced then as she had to use the experience to guide and support others in the future. Her lifepath 7 is one that gives her opportunities to be more analytical, more spiritual and introspective. When I interpreted the Emperor + 7 of Pentacles reversed to her and spoke to her about her past life situation, it opened an opportunity for her to draw a reference between what had happened in her past life to what she is happening with her now. That’s what I loved about readings like these when the clients and I are completely engaged in making the reading more meaningful.


Jen August 1, 2014 at 1:22 am

Wow – there is so much depth to this reading. The way you utilized all of your skills really brought out the details and made a much fuller picture. It’s also wonderful that your client was so communicative; it makes it so much easier to read and really apply the messages you are receiving when you have feedback and context for it.

I also really like how you combined two cards for each position, it really added dimension. It’s a technique I think I’ll need to practice. :)

Numerology isn’t something I’ve explored too deeply; it’s on my list of things to do. After seeing how you used the Life and Destiny numbers to add meaning to your client’s reading, it makes me want to dive in and start studying it in earnest in order to bring that additional depth to my own readings!

Thank you for the inspiration!


Joanna Ash August 11, 2014 at 11:24 am

Thank you Jen, you’re very kind:)


Stephanie Meghan August 5, 2014 at 2:39 am

I really admire your in-depth approach to readings, Joanna! Combining Tarot with numerology and astrology really paints a clearer picture of your client and their purpose in this life. I am very impressed with your interpretations! You’re truly gifted :)

I too incorporate numerology and astrology into my tarot sessions with clients, but what I would love to be able to include is the deeply intuitive and psychic visions you are able to sense! So my question to you is, has this always been a natural ability for you, or how have you honed this skill?


Joanna Ash August 11, 2014 at 11:29 am

Stephanie, I was born intuitive but was not allowed to explore it further as I was brought up in a very strict catholic family. Over the years, the Universe decided to kick the door down to me with several incidents that connected me to intuitive teachers around the world. I honed this intuition a few years ago through practice and meditation. But I didn’t really “open up” until my intuitive coach led me to a safe space where I could fully let go of my past and embarked on a journey of self love. That was when I discovered how quickly I could tap into my psychic visions. I realized that if the universe gave a gift, it was definitely meant for me to use it for the higher good. Thanks for taking interest in my article. Be blessed.


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