Unveiling the Hidden Psychic Messages in Your Tarot Readings with Sherry (Part 2)

by Guest Writer on October 8, 2014 in Real Life Tarot

In part 1 of this blog article, we looked at some different ways to recognise psychic messages or messages from your guides in your tarot readings. In this article, we will look at some more.

It’s all about you!

We talked last time about how sometimes a card or two in a reading may actually be for you, not your client. But what about when the whole reading is about you? I’m talking about a situation where your client shuffles the cards, asks the question about their boyfriend and hang on a minute – the reading reflects your personal situation with your boyfriend exactly! What do you do? Apologise profusely? Ask them to shuffle again because clearly the reading is wrong? No, none of these things, because the reading is not wrong and here’s why.

One of the ways we as humans learn is vicariously, which means by watching someone else do or experience something. You know how to conduct yourself at work if you’re new by watching the way other people behave. You can do the dance to Single Ladies from watching and copying Beyonce (no mean feat!). You know not to date players from watching your sister’s experience of being hurt.

So now imagine you are a guide and want to get a message to the human you are assisting about how to address a personal situation they are experiencing. A very effective way, if your human uses tarot cards, would be to send a client who was experiencing the same situation so you as a reader can learn vicariously how to solve your own dilemma via the information the cards give as an answer to the client. So in this instance, the reading is not ‘wrong’ – it’s just that upstairs are having a bit of a ‘two birds with one stone’ deal and helping you both at once and using your capacity for vicarious learning to do so. Once you DO notice this happening and upstairs see they have your attention (cause you know they can see that light bulb go on over your head), watch how many times it happens to you and make sure you send a little thank you to your guide for their advice!

The other explanation for this phenomenon is as part of a spiritual lesson. There is a great deal of literature available on the journey our souls go through and the lessons we face during our incarnations (see books by Michael Newton and Brian Weiss for some interesting further reading). You may notice the commonality of experience between yourself and the people you read for and this points to how our souls like to choose certain experiences to facilitate certain lessons and you may be reading for someone who is in the same place in their journey as you. This creates a wonderful moment of spiritual kinship with others where we get a little glimpse of how miraculous our world is.

Being asked a question that you don’t know how to answer

One of the things you will notice as you read for more and more clients is that we as humans are pretty much interested in the same things – love, money, work and family – and readings tend to focus on these issues. So let’s imagine again that you are a guide and needed to push your tarot reading human charge a bit to explore their ability further and develop some more. One of the ways they love to do this is to send you clients who ask you questions that you have no idea how to answer or are way outside of the love/money/work/family arena. The way this helps is because it forces you to innovate in order to help your client. This may take the form of looking for and working with spreads you would otherwise never have considered, or even devising your own spread and in this way, you are moved forward and pushed along out of your comfort zone.

On a similar note, look for the client who is difficult. Instead of thinking ‘Geez this person is a pest. How can I get rid of them?’, stop to consider what this person is asking of you or telling you about your readings and is it possible that your guides are using this encounter to tip you right out of your comfort zone as well? Use your judgement to decide if the feedback you’re getting might just be valid and what is it prompting you to do? If it involves extending yourself or your ability in any way, take it as a cosmic nudge.

Related to this again is a run of clients who are asking the same question, so that it strikes you as odd or stands out to you. What message are you being given? I had a number of people asking me life path questions a while back and it resulted in my checking out some books so I could help with their questions, which in turn led to the answer to a question I had been pondering for myself for quite a while. Thanks guides!

So next time you sit down to read for someone, before you start you may like to whisper a word to your guides that you are prepared to receive as much from the reading as your client and you are more than receptive to any messages they would like to send. Then watch how the reading becomes a vehicle for more than just a quick client question as your guides find a way to improve your abilities, help you with your own problems, understand the ways the universe works and hopefully help your psychic development by assisting you to tune into the way they interact with you.

About Sherry

sherry_tarotSherry has over 30 years’ experience working with the Tarot cards. She also draws on her natural psychic talents to help tune into your specific situation and give you the information the Universe needs you to know.  She is an Endorsed Biddy Tarot Reader and is available for psychic Tarot readings here.

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gaiarama October 25, 2014 at 2:17 am

Thank you for sharing :)

As above, so below. As within, so without.

Would you agree that the seekers we attract are a reflection of the energies we are resonating? The more we feel a particular reading mirrors our own situation, the more we should be able to feel in tune with and empathetic towards the needs of our seeker ☯


Sherry October 27, 2014 at 9:16 am

Hi Gaiarama

I feel as though we generally attract those clients whom we can assist and some that can assist us. Not every reading is a reciprocal arrangement though but it’s certainly great when that happens!



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