Interpret My Tarot Reading


UPDATE: I am taking a break from 1:1 Tarot readings until February 8, 2015. I highly recommend any one of our Endorsed Readers – click here to learn more about each reader and request a Tarot reading.

Have you ever had a Tarot card reading that you just didn’t ‘get’ yet you knew there was a profound message just waiting to be discovered?

Perhaps it was a Tarot reading you did for yourself but you had too many personal feelings that were influencing the reading.

Perhaps it was a free Tarot reading but the Tarot card interpretations were limited to just a few generic meanings.

Or perhaps it was a professional Tarot reading but the reader was too vague or unclear.

Sometimes you just need someone to provide an objective interpretation of your Tarot reading.

Interpret My Tarot Reading

“Interpret My Tarot Reading” is a convenient way to get an objective second opinion and to uncover the deeper and more profound messages of your Tarot reading.

I will personally review your Tarot reading and will provide an objective interpretation that  highlights the key messages that relate to your question and situation.

All you need to do is submit your Tarot reading details, including the original question, the Tarot cards that were drawn and the Tarot spread and positions that were used.

Want to See an Example Tarot Reading Interpretation?

Head on over to my blog to view the Tarot Circle posts, where I take someone’s Tarot reading and provide a personal interpretation of the Tarot cards. While it may not look exactly the same, this will give you a taste of what to expect.

Purchase Your Tarot Reading Interpretation

Mini Tarot Card Reading Interpretation (1-3 cards) – $47


Standard Tarot Card Reading Interpretation (4-7 cards) – $147


Deep Tarot Card Reading Interpretation (8-12 cards) – $197


You’ll be directed to PayPal for a secure payment (via credit/debit card or your PayPal account).

After payment, you will be directed to a request form where you can provide your Tarot reading details. If you are not directed to the form, please contact me.

Within 24 hours (Monday to Friday), I will confirm your request and expected delivery date (usually within 1-2 weeks of your request). When I have prepared your Tarot reading interpretation, I will send it to you via email. If you choose to pay by e-Check, you will receive your Tarot reading interpretation after your check has cleared.

Please note that a Tarot Reading Interpretation is not as in-depth as a Tarot reading with me. If you would prefer a full Tarot reading, you can book a Tarot reading with me.

About My Code of Ethics

As a professional and ethical Tarot reader, there are some questions that I will not be able to answer using the Tarot cards. For example, I do not use the Tarot cards for health diagnoses or advice, legal issues, or third party readings. If you’re not sure, feel free to contact me first to discuss.