Tarot Masterclass: Reversed Tarot Cards for Empowering Readings 2.0


Are you afraid to use reversed Tarot cards in your readings because you don’t want all the negative energy associated with these cards?

Or perhaps you’re already using reversed Tarot cards, but you’re struggling to find a clear, empowering message in your readings especially when so many appear upside-down?

You see, reversed Tarot cards often get a bad wrap in Tarot. You might have heard, “They’re too negative!” or “I don’t want to bring bad energy into my readings!”

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Do you want to know the truth about reversed Tarot cards?

Reversed Tarot cards can be incredibly empowering, revealing and insightful in your Tarot readings.

Sure, there are traditional reversed meanings out there that are fear-based and down-right negative. But with the right techniques, you can turn a reversed card into an uplifting, thought-provoking message for you and your clients. And you can add incredible depth and insight to your Tarot readings that help to manifest your dreams and goals.

Let me show you how.

In this 90-minute Tarot Masterclass, you’ll learn how to use reversed Tarot cards for empowering readings, using a series of powerful techniques and strategies. These are the exact techniques I use in my own professional Tarot readings.

And if you’re new to Tarot, I’ll prove to you that you do not have to learn another 78 Tarot card meanings to master reversed Tarot cards – you simply have to learn a handful of techniques and you’ll be reading reversals in no time! It’s that simple.

So why is this “Reversed Tarot Cards 2.0″? Since my first Masterclass on this topic a couple of years ago, the way I read reversed cards has evolved and changed. Now, in this completely updated and revised Masterclass, I want to share these new methods with you to help your Tarot reading skills evolve and change too.

During this recorded webinar, you will learn:

  • Why reversed Tarot cards will double your insight
  • How to create empowering Tarot readings with reversals
  • The 2 most powerful techniques you’ll ever need to read reversals
  • 4 more techniques to keep ‘up-your-sleeve’
  • Exactly how to get started with reading reversed Tarot cards

As part of the Masterclass, you’ll also receive a handout of the Masterclass presentation, a PDF ‘funsheet’ to apply what you have learned straight away, access to the 90 minute recorded webinar (MP4 file for easy download) and the full PDF transcript of the Masterclass (within a week of the live class).

Your investment for the webinar Masterclass is $47.

Register-now-tarot-masterclassBe quick! There are only 50 places available for this exclusive LIVE webinar. (Previous webinars have sold out!)

The live webinar will be held on March 31 at 10am Melbourne (Australian EDT). It will run for 90 minutes.

Other time zones: US Pacific: 4pm (Mar 30); US Eastern: 7pm (Mar 30); UTC: 11pm (Mar 30). Check your time zone with a time zone converter.

The webinar will be recorded, so if you are registered for the live webinar and can’t make the scheduled time, you can watch it later.

How a Live Webinar Works

If you’re new to participating in a webinar, don’t worry – it’s super easy. It’s just like a class or a workshop, but online.

After you complete your registration, you will receive a link to the Masterclass and details on how to access the slides and handouts for the Tarot Masterclass.

On the day of the Masterclass, click on the webinar link provided and you’ll be taken into the live webinar. Once you’re in the webinar, you’ll be able to see and hear me and can ask questions using the text chat.

You don’t need any special software or equipment, but I do recommend using Mozilla Firefox to view the webinar and making sure you have a good internet connection. I don’t recommend watching from a portable device.

The webinar will be recorded, so if you are registered for the live webinar and can’t make the scheduled time, you can watch it later. You can access the recording online or you can download the MP4 file of the Masterclass instead.

What Other People Are Saying About the Masterclass…

  • “I loved the ease in which you presented the material. You really are a great teacher and it was interesting to see how you go through your thought process reading the cards. It made me feel like it’s possible.” – Taryn
  • “I’m very new to Tarot but that didn’t make much difference in participating in the class. You were very clear in explaining how to deal with combination cards. Even without knowing the meanings of all the cards I drew, I could still grasp the intuitive way you worked with the cards. It all made perfect sense!” – Carol
  • “Your techniques as simple as they may seem, opened my eyes to look for something different when handling more than one card. I am looking forward to all the courses you are offering.” – Gisela
  • “I value that you start with the basics but also teach advanced techniques. You are very well-spoken, and your smile lights up the room. You have a wonderful personality and make us all feel capable and inspired. That is really important.” – Cheryl
  • “What you take away from these Masterclasses will not only make you a better and more intuitive reader, but they far exceed their cost. In my opinion they are priceless.” – Rosemary