Tarot Masterclass: Reading Tarot for Yourself with Clarity

Reading-tarot-for-yourself-masterclassOne of the hardest things about reading Tarot for yourself is keeping an open and clear mind and staying objective. We find ourselves hearing only what we want to hear, not what we need to hear.

Yet if we deny ourselves the pleasure of reading for ourselves, we deny ourselves the opportunity for soulful introspection, personal development, self-understanding and an intensely personal relationship with the Tarot.

In this 90-minute Tarot Masterclass, I’ll show you how to read Tarot for yourself with confidence and clarity so that you can use this powerful tool for personal transformation.

You’ll learn:

  • The 6 mistakes Tarot readers make when reading for themselves
  • How to read your own Tarot cards with an open mind and an open heart
  • The 6 steps to creating a deeply insightful, meaningful and clear Tarot reading for yourself
  • 5 techniques to gain personal insight from the Tarot
  • How to overcome doubts about the ‘truth’ of your Tarot readings

As part of the Masterclass, you’ll receive access to the 90 minute recorded webinar (MP4 file for easy download), a handout of the Masterclass presentation, a pdf ‘funsheet’ to apply what you have learned straight away and the full pdf transcript of the Masterclass.

Your investment for the webinar Masterclass is $47 (USD).


The webinar runs for approx. 90 minutes (including question time). You will have instant and ongoing access to the online recording so you can watch the Tarot masterclass when you want, how often you want.

How Does a Webinar Work?

If you’re new to participating in a webinar, don’t worry – it’s super easy. It’s just like a class or a workshop, but online.

Here’s how it works.

After you pay via PayPal, you’ll be sent an email with the link to the Masterclass. Click on it and you’ll be taken into the recorded webinar. Once you’re in the webinar, you’ll be able to see and hear me. I’ll also have slides for the Tarot Masterclass. You don’t need any special software or equipment but I do recommend using Mozilla Firefox to view the webinar. If you would rather watch offline or from a portable device, you can download the mp4 file of the Masterclass instead.

What Other People Are Saying About the Masterclass…

  • “I am new to Tarot and do not know the cards well yet but found your session easy to follow with plenty of ideas and tips for me to use. I was a little apprehensive doing the self reflection spread but did it and was quite blown away with the accuracy.” – Fiorella
  • “I am a budding professional and I am always inspired by these classes, it encourages my growth so that in the future I to may come up with my own style of classes to teach others as well.” – Rosemary
  • “Not only was it very informative, but you have a pleasant demeanor that makes it easy to stay focused on what you are teaching. You are very good at presenting the material and it shows that you have a real passion for what you are teaching.” – Angelia
  • “I really enjoyed the class! It was immensely helpful and encouraged me to identify the mistakes I make while doing self readings. The most important thing I learned was to read for myself the same way as I would read for a client, by creating professional space and getting in the right mindset” – Victoria
  • “Many of the question that came up from other students are things that I too have experienced so I really related to them and have overcome them in my own readings. Others were still there so can now start to work on them. Love your classes, don’t stop making them please, it so great having someone who is teaching the correct methods to use.” – Ria
  • “I always enjoy your classes and I learn a lot. They provide new ideas and insights that are always helpful. They are fun and informative. I also like that you allow the students to ask questions and interact. I would recommend Brigit’s classes to anyone looking to expand their Tarot knowledge.” – Karin
  • “When you walked us through the 5 Card Self-Reflection segment, I was blown away by the fact that I actually understood how each card gave very clear direction for me. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow.” – Adriene