Tarot Masterclass: Demystifying the Court Cards


Imagine. You draw the Queen of Swords for your male partner. What on earth does that mean? Is he actually a woman and you never knew?! Or is it an aspect of yourself in him? Or maybe it’s a project he’s working on that is somehow related to your relationship? Or is there another woman you need to know about?

Put an end to the self-doubt and confusing Tarot readings.

If you’re feeling completely lost when it comes to the Court Cards, you’re not alone. Court cards continue to be one of the biggest challenges in learning the Tarot.

In this 75-minute Tarot Masterclass, I will demystify the Court Cards and show you how to easily and confidently interpret the Court Cards in a Tarot reading.

You will learn how to:

  • Apply the KISS principle to learning the Courts
  • Decipher whether a Court card represents a person, personality traits, an event or situation… or something completely different
  • Branch out from overly-simplistic descriptions around gender, age and appearance
  • Interpret the Court cards alongside other Tarot cards in a reading
  • Build a personal relationship with the Tarot Court using fun and practical activities in your everyday life

As part of the Masterclass, you’ll receive access to the 75 minute recorded webinar (MP4 file for easy download) and handout of the Masterclass presentation.

Your investment for the webinar class is $47 (USD).


The webinar runs for approx. 90 minutes (including question time). You will have instant and ongoing access to the online recording so you can watch the Tarot masterclass when you want, how often you want.

How Does a Webinar Work?

If you’re new to participating in a webinar, don’t worry – it’s super easy. It’s just like a class or a workshop, but online.

Here’s how it works.

After you pay via PayPal, you’ll be sent an email with the link to the Masterclass. Click on it and you’ll be taken into the recorded webinar. Once you’re in the webinar, you’ll be able to see and hear me. I’ll also have slides for the Tarot Masterclass. You don’t need any special software or equipment but I do recommend using Mozilla Firefox to view the webinar. If you would rather watch offline or from a portable device, you can download the mp4 file of the Masterclass instead.

What Other People Are Saying About the Masterclass…

  • “This is a “must have” seminar for every tarot readers in order to understand “in-depth” the function and meaning of the court cards. What this class enabled is to bring greater clarity and understanding into what I knew intuitively about the court cards. It gave me greater confidence and passion whenever I see a court card “pop up” in a reading. I went from a feeling of “not so sure what this means or represents” in a reading to my eyes lighting up whenever a court card pops up.” – Tom
  • “I am able to now view the court cards through an entirely different lens than before. The strict and rigid “old school” interpretations that have always painted them as very specific people in a reading feels so limiting and always made me feel “on-the-spot” when those cards would come up. Not anymore!” – Tina Belliston
  • “What I loved most was getting to know Brigit “personally” and finally having the chance too see the amazing person behind the writer of the Biddy tarot blog 😉 It was a very focused webinar, I came there with new insight and ideas about the cards, e.g, looking at people dynamics, how they interact and combine with each other, and especially to keep it simple, that was the best tip (for me as a beginner!). Thank You!” – Helena
  • “It was called ‘Demystifying the court cards’ and that’s EXACTLY what it did – I have been struggling with them to such an extent that I take them out of my pack and read without them – but after an hour’s masterclass, I now understand and LOVE them! THANK YOU!!!” – Melody
  • “Brigit is an excellent presenter, she is enthusiastic and able to explain concepts clearly.” – Parkson
  • “It was interesting, easy to follow and presented in a very coherent, clear and intelligent way” – Andrea