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Horoscope Tarot Spread with Jo Tracey

by Guest Writer on January 30, 2013 in Tarot Spreads


Today, I welcome Jo Tracey, astrologer, writer, mum and fellow Aussie. Thank goodness for people like Jo. Jo is a super-star astrologer AND knows how to read the Tarot cards. Not like me. I’ve had three big books on astrology sitting on my bookshelf for YEARS, never read. Every time I go to start, I […]

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The Spiritual Compass Tarot Spread

by Brigit on September 26, 2012 in Tarot Spreads


This Tarot spread was inspired by a meditation from the book “Awakening the Buddhist Heart” by Lama Surya Das. I am totally in love with his books and am always inspired to think differently about my life after reading them. In this meditation, we are asked to reflect deeply on our lives and, in the […]

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