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Do you need insight on a challenging situation? Are you struggling with a difficult relationship? Do you desire greater life purpose, direction and meaning? The Biddy Tarot Network Readers can help.

The Biddy Tarot Network Directory is a list of professional Tarot readers who are here to help you navigate your life issues, challenges and uncertainties, using the Tarot as a guide. Select the reader you most resonate with and contact them directly to request a professional Tarot reading. (Note: These are paid readings, not free Tarot readings.) Turn your challenges into opportunities and live the best life you can live, today.

(Note: These are paid readings, not free Tarot readings. These professional Tarot readers do not provide free readings through their websites.)

Ali Wade

Ali WadeHello from glorious Pembrokeshire. Are you at a crossroads in your life or business/career? Do you need some guidance with a question that is constantly running through your mind?

I use the cards and my intuition to help you navigate through the maze of modern life. Choose from one of my suggested spreads (including a fabulously detailed one for Business Planning), or I can design a spread to suit your own question. Clarity and closure – this is what a Tarot reading can offer.

Book today – you deserve it!

” I am amazed by how accurately you defined my worries, my expectation and hopes with your reading …” – Prita, Brazil

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Heather Rose

Heather Rose TarotThrough my tarot readings, I offer spiritual healing, support and information for adult survivors of trauma.

Though my life’s work with survivors of chronic trauma, I have realized that trauma is really only healed and released when the survivor is seen and accepted as the new and different person they are after the trauma.  Our western culture resists this concept of healing and would rather ask trauma survivors to pretend that they are healed after the trauma by being “the same as before.”  But trauma does not allow for that.

I found that through my tarot readings, I could offer insight into a person’s self and see who they are and reflect that back to them without re-traumatizing anyone by having to share their story. This has been tremendously healing to my clients. They don’t have to pretend to be “ok” with me or continue to carry the shame that is so often the aftermath of trauma. By being seen and accepted as changed, the trauma experience looses power over the person.

“After a reading with Heather, I felt like a wave of energy started to propel me forward. I felt clarity about what I needed to do and how I needed to do it.  It is like she helped open a dam in my life and this energy surged forward lifting me from where I felt stuck.” – Anna

“Wow, that was powerful.” –  Julie

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MarilynAre you struggling to find answers to the direction of your life, relationship or career or just want to know what’s going to happen next. My Tarot readings empower you to help you navigate life’s twists and turns. We will explore the current energies that surround you, and online likely outcomes in pragmatic way. Book a reading such as…

  • Who is my soulmate?
  • Money money money
  • Where to now? … and much more!

Thank you so much for the amazing Tarot reading you gave me! Your reading was accurate on multiple levels and your intuition spot on.” – Lisa USA

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Regina- Living Our True Unique Self

ReginaYou have a special gift that no one else has. My purpose as a psychic medium is to use the messages in the cards to help you find that gift! I wish you to move through your blockages to a place of healing and love! Light your own path and create your life! Loving who you are, gaining self-confidence and allowing yourself to grow is my hope for you! You are Divine!

Thank you so much for the beautiful reading! Your explanation was very clear, without taking over that I am the creator of my life!” – R. from Belgium

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Certified Biddy Tarot Readers

These talented Tarot readers have completed the Tarot Foundations courses and have passed a certification assessment. I can proudly recommend them to you.

If you want to find out how to become a certified Tarot reader, click here.

Andrew Barker
Jeff F.
Lisa Jémus
Sharon Struga
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